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I am wondering if anyone has used a suspension seat post for MUni? If so, perhaps you could comment on what you like and dislike about it. Thanks.



I like the cushy ride. I don’t like the rare occasions when I was bounced off the seat when riding on bumpy stuff.

See pictures of my ThudBuster Uni-Pivot (no longer available type) post:

Re: suspension seat posts

The telescoping style seatpost shocks like the Rockshox are not designed for the twisting and torque that you get on a muni so they develop play and get loose a lot quicker on a muni than they do on a bike. Most telescoping seatposts are also too long for a unicycle and will need to be cut down which means their insides may need some reworking to get them to work in a smaller space. For a telescoping style seatpost shock expect setup issues, maintenance issues, and a loose seat that may rotate or wobble a bit when the shock develops some play.

The parallelogram style seatpost shocks like the Thudbuster (now owned by Cane Creek) won’t develop play like the Rockshox style, but they move slightly backwards as they move down so they don’t work best on a vertical seattube on a standard unicycle frame. The Telford unicycle frame was designed with a sloping seattube so the Thudbuster would move in a more up and down motion. On the Telford the Thudbuster works great. On a standard unicycle frame it is not ideal but people have made it work.

Creative Geckos has some interesting suspension unicycle designs.

Rockshox <>
Thudbuster <>
Cane Creek <>
I don’t have a link to a Telford frame with a Thudbuster shock. If you have not seen a Telford frame before you need to see a picture of one to see the frame design.

I have riden a little on a Telford with a Thudbuster shock and it is nice. With a seatpost shock you can ride with the seat a little higher than you can without a shock which makes for a more efficient riding position (the legs are more extended). You still can get bounced out of the seat on a bump, but it’s better than no shock. I think a shock would be a good thing for a XC style muni where you are going for speed and efficency (like in racing) because the higher seat height will give you more power, more efficiency, and faster pedaling (higher RPMs). A 29er with a suspension would be a nice fast XC muni.

Re: suspension seat posts

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Thank both (especially John) :wink: very much for the information.




I was just wondering what type of unicycling would you use the suspension for.


A shock would probably work best for XC (cross country) style riding. Riding without a lot of hopping or jumping and where you’re going for efficiency and distance rather than aggressive freeriding.

Kris Holm had a Rockshox on one of his older North Shore unicycles. I don’t know how useful he found the shock to be for his style of riding.

For freeriding or aggressive trail riding a thick cushy airseat might work better than a shock.