Suspension seat post for Coker

Do you have any experience about suspension seat post for a Coker? Are
the suspension seat posts strong enough for twisting forces? The Roc
Shox length is 350mm. Is it possible to cut it shorter (240mm)?


My understanding is that the spring-based shock posts have essential parts of the mechanism in the bottom of the post, making shortening of the post undesirable. I can’t find a diagram right now. There are seatposts that use elastomeric scissors mechanisms up near the seat which are shortenable, such as the Thudbuster (, but remember that the mechanism itself limits how far you can lower the post into the frame. Just guessing, but if you are looking at cutting at 250mm and placing into a Coker frame I don’t think there is room for the Thudbuster mechanism.

Oh yes – and it may be very hard to find a suspension seatpost with a 22.2mm diameter.

it may be imposible

Re: Suspension seat post for Coker

There is good picture about Thudbuster at:

Looks to me that the length without seat pillar is about 160 mm. So
cutting seat tube from the Coker frame to 80 mm would do the trick,
however Thudbuster says that minimum insert is 100 mm.

Maybe we need some sort of adapter which tilts Thudbuster backwards,
so that travel motion will be more vertical and also solves the
diameter incompatibility.



That’s why God makes seat-post adapters: … or was it ?

Re: Adapt

yeah those are great for going bigger to smaller,but he’s talkin about going from the smaller seat tube to the bigger seat post:p’nt it about time to change your socks?