suspension MUnis


My opinion is that at present, the best option is to have a simple rigid fork
with a seatpost shock. Using a bike fork shocks looks cool, but but is heavy, a
bit too wide and provides way more strength in the frame than is ever needed on
a unicycle. Having said that, they are comfortable to ride, though. Daniel
Hopkins made a really nice one out of a Cannondale Headshock.

At NUC, someone had made a cool frame out of an AMP Research fork shock, the non
telescoping kind with a trapezoidal hinge at the top of the fork crown. A
purpose-built uni frame with this design may be the way to go in future, but I
think that at present it’s best to focus on more important issues like designing
a good axle.



— Clifford Elmore <> wrote:
> I seem to remember a while ago people were trying suspension forks / posts on
> there Munis (Telford, and I didn’t pashley have plans for a Muni with
> suspension forks?). I thought reports were good but I haven’t heard (or seen)
> any more.
> Whats the general concensus of oppinion?
> Tom

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Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Photos – now, 100 FREE prints!