"Suspension Muni on Ebay?!!"

WTF? Anyone know about this?http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-BRAUN-OFF-ROAD-UNICYCLE-20-IN-CHROME-W1763-2_W0QQitemZ140093959920QQcategoryZ2904QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem


Looks custom to me.

I don’t think that is suspension. It just looks like plastic concertina covers to me!

It doesn’t say anything about suspension in the description, it just says “free ride suspension” under the title. Could be just to draw peoples attention?

Thats what I reckon anyway!

Rock on!

Nothing custom about that one.
I saw them in a bike store somewhere in Belgium to.
My friend did bought one, but it is horrible.
It rides realy weird and your jump power will be reduced realy mutch.

Peter M

Looks like something that I could completely destroy in five minutes of moderate riding.

Edit: It’s not like I’m that super-hardcore, it’s just that those cranks and the hub look like they wouldn’t hold an infant with a tummy.


Trust me, it wouldn’t last 3 minutes max.
One 1.5 meter drop and you break that one.

Peter M

They’re not custom, they’re real suspension but it doesn’t work like that on unicycles, what I’ve heard it pretty much screws up your knees. Regarding the other specs it’s just a cotterless hub + cranks so yeah, that’s normal.

I screws up your knees prety bad yeah.

Peter M

ooh a unicycle made out of deoderant!

plz sig it took a while to think of that


Braun makes Electric Razors…?

Damn 13 pounds!!!

How exactly does it screw up your knees?

it uses a driver :slight_smile:

It looks like they take a cheap suspension fork, cut the ends off, mashed them up a bit, and welded them onto the bearing caps, then chromed it.

Pretty interesting if they mass produce such a thing though.

Seems to be an own branded product of this online store. Would be cool just to get hold of the frame, put a decent saddle and wheel on it and see how long it lasts.


It would also be nice to see a frame like that on a coker or DX or AX 29er. :smiley: :smiley:

If anybody wants one of these frames, $10 + shipping takes it.

I remember a guy on here buying one maybe a year or two ago. It broke very quickly. They replaced it, and he broke the replacement even quicker. Each time it was the bracing between the two halves of the suspension fork that broke, even though he wasn’t riding hard on it. I wouldn’t touch this thing with a barge pole, the seat looks like it’s already been broken.