Suspension for Muni?

I’m kinda new to the sport. Does anybody use anything like this for unicycles?

Yes definatly. I don’t think that many unicyclist do, but I have seen pics/ heard about unicyclists using them. That is a big investment especialy if you have never tried one on a unicycle :slight_smile: Welcome to the sport too!

My legs are too short to have enough post exposed to use on of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Not as cool as the chap who converted some GT LTS mtbs into suspended Unicycles!

Totally useless for Muni. You’re not sitting down when you do drops, so it wouldn’t do anything except make riding along the flat hard work.
To absorb the bumps on a muni the cranks would have to have some sort of shock absorbsion in them. Not an easy engineering feat. Its been discussed plenty of times, try searching.
There was a guy that kept saying he had plans drawn up and everyone laughed at him. Then he posted the drawings and shut everyone up. Think he was called DAKORAMAN or something like that.
That might have been for a geared unicycle now I think about it. Still worth a read :slight_smile:

Suspension seatposts don’t do anything when you are standing up on a bike, either, but they make it possible to stay seated longer in bumpy stuff, which saves a ton of energy and makes things a lot more comfortable. I love them for hardtail MTBs.

I don’t have enough free space between the frame crown and the saddle on my 29" wheel to squeeze a suspension post in, especially with the extra space lost to a rail adapter, but on a 26" it might work. And a seatpost that didn’t need a rail adapter might fit the 29… or maybe if I had longer legs…

People have successfully used thudbusters for muni - I can see it being sort of useful on long bumpy xc rides rather than super-technical stuff, although I’ve not tried it myself - I prefer to keep my xc machine as light as possible.

The telescopic suspension seatpost designs apparently don’t stand up well to the twisting forces put through a unicycle saddle, but thudbuster-type ones survive better.

Bendy cranks would only work when standing up (and would sap loads of power) - you’d have to somehow suspend the hub inside the wheel to have proper suspension on a unicycle, which I don’t think anybody’s come up with a reasonable design for. I think there was one involving separate chain drives from each crank (like on this one), but with the chains going up to a jackshaft at the crown, then a vertical telescopic drive shaft transmitting drive to the hub. Then the wheel can be allowed to move up and down on suspension independently of the rest of the unicycle. Quite complicated though, and potentially very heavy.

The best suspension for a muni is a big tyre.


^for all of the above, no.

Suspension on a unicycle is like suspension on a skateboard, it can be done, but in the end you don’t really change much except the weight and complexity.

Unicycling is uncomplicated, a single wheel, a simple frame and seat, and you.

The tire is your suspension, so picking a good tire is important.

Suspension doesn’t make riding easier, could make it harder (weight).

Welcome to unicycling :smiley:

I have experimented with suspension seatposts fairly extensively, all to no avail. There are clearance issues, there are durability issues, and in the end (your end) there is limited benefit. The best way to comfort your “end” is a good seat and some comfortable shorts; and strong legs :stuck_out_tongue:

I think suspension would be the most valuable on the road. Imagine a 36" uni with a skinny race bike-like wheel pumped up to 120psi. It would save a ton of weight, but it would also be a rough ride. So, you add suspension. I think it’d be pretty sweet.

That is exactly what I almost bought a thud buster for. 700x32mm wheel at 120PSI really makes you feel the cracks and bumps.