Suspended MUni

Is this a good MUni? How would it compare with a KH?

Is suspension really worth it on unicycles? I’ve noticed that most of the “top of the line” MUnis seem to be lacking in the suspension department.

Would it be a good idea to adapt more suspension systems from mountain bikes to MUnis?


If i’m not wrong, that’s one of those unicycles from taiwan.

In my opinion, i think that suspensions are quite useless on a muni, because most of the time my butt is not on the saddle. I do this so that more pressure is on the peddles, which will make the uni more stable over rough terrain.

Another thing i’ve noted is that the suspension will definitely sink a little once you get on the uni. This way, your legs cannot extend as much on the down pedalling position, thus your legs will get tired fast… :slight_smile:

Hmm… 600 AUD counts as 366 €, so I’d say it’s not a good bargain.

Frame, looks pretty much like a Nimbus II/Yuni frame, except for that suspension. And suspension is probably useless on a unicycle.

Wheel, Just like any cheapy Taiwanese. So it won’t take too much bashing. That fatter tire is probably good but still it’s not worth that much. And 20" is not good for MUni. It get’s stuck too easily. 24" or 26" would probably be better. 20" is usually used for trials.

Hub looks just like any cheap Taiwanese hub, so it will break soon. (Well, I haven’t broken my Nimbus hub yet and I do drops pretty close to three feet. But I’m pretty small, I weigh a little over 60 kg=130 lbs, and I guess I land softly.) If you land hard from the drops that won’t hold too well.

Cranks are Lascos or some similar cheap cranks. They won’t hold too much either if you land hard.

Pedals are plastic, and my little sister has now been riding for something like two months, not too actively, and they are trashed. Plastic pedals won’t give you a too good grip either. I’d recommend using pinned pedals.

Saddle, doesn’t look too good, and it doesn’t have a handle.

So, I’d say that you shouldn’t even consider something like that. This one would probably have a little better price/quality Nimbus 24" MUni. It’s a little cheaper and 24" size with a 3" wide tire. And KH saddle is one of the most comfortable available. The hub might be about the same quality, but this is pretty much the same as I ride at the moment. And I really like it. And the pedals are steel pedals with pins. They are a lot grippier if it’s wet outside.

edit. Rowan or some other guy from NZ might now more about buying uni’s around there.

edit2. And KH is even better but it also costs more. But if you can afford it go for the KH.

cheers for the replies…I want to see a unicycle that has gears. I reckon 3 gears would be enough… it’d have to be something a little more nifty than mountain bike style gears.

Would you be able to make use of a freewheeling gear? I guess it would be ok if you had brakes.

Things like a “centrifugal clutch” and “floating pedal suspension” sound like uh, they might work…

There’s not too many of these available. But atleast Greg Harper has one and Unifrank has one. Click on the names to get to their homepages. I think they don’t have hubs that could change the gears but you might want to try that search feature on the top right corner for some more info. I think they both have freewheeli so you can’t pedal backwards. This makes riding an uni a bit harder. I don’t know how much since I’ve never tried.

I saw a newspaper clipping on the net a while back about an older guy who had built a geared uni! Don’t know his name and I can’t remember where he lived, but it’s true!
I know this was a pointless thing to post- but no-one outside the uni world really cares so I thought I’d share it with you guys! Ha!

Oh yeah, that uni seems like a huge waste of time and money- seat post suspension would take the edge off any large drops that you were sat down! And that doesn’t cost 600 anythings!

Seat post suspensions tend to break because of the twisting movement riding an uni makes.

I feel sorry for the folks at now that has come along. They used to have only crap unicycles at reasonable prices, and it seems they have made a last ditch effort to try to compete and stay in the market. I don’t think the suspension on forks is a good idea, because they would flex individually when you ride, possibly even causing the wheel to rub on the forks. They call it a MUni, and yet it only has a 20" tire. Why do you think it is so rare? If it was good more people would have them. I think the KH24" from is a far better deal for a MUni. If you can’t afford the KH24" then anything else has is probably better value and quality (with the new hubs). The Nimbus would be good unless you like big drops. You should get yourself something with a KH saddle, they are great compared to lesser seats!

That is the same unicycle Bedford Unicycles posted about in June 2003. (Do a search)

Don’t even think about it.


Here’s the thread. Comments are pretty similar there.

Suspension uni

Yeah, damn I want a good seat. For years I didn’t ride my unicycle coz I’d basically just assured myself that unicycling “is bad for you” because my seat was so crap. I’d go as far as to say that the seat I have is probably the most uncomfortable ever designed, it’s a “cirilli” or something. I’ve done the airseat thing but I still want something better.

Re: Suspended MUni

On Mon, 24 Nov 2003 07:06:36 -0600, joona
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>I think they don’t have hubs that could change the gears but
>you might want to try that search feature on the top right corner for
>some more info. I think they both have freewheeli so you can’t pedal

Harper’s hub has effectively two gear ratios but you need about a
minute of tool-handling to change from direct gear to 1:1.5 gear. I’m
not sure if Frank’s hub can do that. None of the two have a freewheel
so you can apply force in both directions although there is some
backlash (play) in the transmission.

Harper is working towards having his hub produced commercially. I
don’t know what the latest on that is.

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Hey Pete,

You can try out my 29’er YUni and my KH24 and various other MUNi’s I’ve got. I would recommend getting a YUNi from Tony and the boys at They are an awesome MUNi for the price ($550). Like Rowan said, I also feel sorry for but I don’t think you would want to get that suspended unicycle- it will not be up to any serious MUNi riding. If you’re after a good seat the KH seat’s the way to go. You can try my Carbon fibre airseat but in my opinion that’s sucks compared to the KH.