surprize visit from a unicycling superstar!

here is a geek out thread but hey its not every day that one of unicyclings greatest riders shows up unnanounced at your front door.

here the story: Mike (onetrack) and a friend were driving down from Seattle to Sacremento to do some riding there. on the way Mike stopped by my house off I-5 to buy my KH24 frame.

so mike calls me when they are close and i verbaly guide them in over the phone to my front door.

they park and DAN HEATON GETS OUT OF THE CAR! :astonished:


then what happened?

( btw,i just figured out,you misspelled jaguar,i just HAD to tell you.)

Has he recovered well from his injury a few months ago?

thats when they must have come over to victoria to do some riding with jeff ( i was suppose to go , but i was at my dads:()

anyways, thats awesome that you sold your frame

like a celebrity thing. Mike and his freind roll out a red carpet from the stretch limo. Dan heaton climbs out sporting A pink and purple fur coat with big sun glasses, and soon to follow is his bitches in bikinis. yeeeeaaaahhh!!!

No he spelled HIS NAME right.

He told me he took him and threw him in his basement. He said he plans to charge admition to see him. I told him he’s better leave a unicycle for him or he might die. So Jagur said he gave him a savage.

wow, why dont these things happen to me?

This is like the publisher’s clearing house of unicycling.

Congrats Jagur, and i am envious. I have met Jagur though, and Jagur met Dan Heaton, so indirectly i met Dan Heaton…yes…

I’m wondering why you didn’t get so excited when I came to visit? :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

not fully, i asked him how he was doing and he said he was riding a little but not nearly up to what he used too. sounded like hes being really careful. over all it looked like he was walking better since i saw him in October.

yeah, Mike got a killer deal, i really cant belive how long that frame lingered. im sure some of you out there are kicking yourselves for not buying it at the original 170 even. another angle is that alot of you folks are afraid to build your own uni’s or somthing thus buying a frame only is a scary thought or whatever but its really funny to do.

yeah fluff, are never coming back here? i thought you said you come to Salem for the holidays…?

aw? your a regular :wink: plus you always get us pulled over and frisked.

:angry: (freakin Salem Fuzz) :angry:

Don’t worry John, your Issaquah fan club eagerly awaits your visit tomorrow. Food has been prepared, and uni repairs have been saved up in honor of your visit. Bring your crank puller; it’s time to install the 170s on the GB4 36. We also need to get our Christmas lights up, but Harper already has dibs on that job.

Yes, that little incident does give me bad karma. Sorry about that. :frowning:

all your lights are going to be blue and shifting.

I would like to get decent frame, but most of those selling are too far away. The shipping to Chicago, IL. would spoil any deal.

my deal was $150, the ship would have been about 10 to 15. not bad for a frame thats 210 new.


ok, so I didn’t actually laugh, but it’s late, and that was pretty clever of you : )


But we had the honor of meeting the one, the only Fluffinator.

i was at home and i was walking beside the mirror and what ?
i almost faint, i saw i fuckin’ superstar in the mirror… ME!!


No unicycling superstar has been to my house:(.

Maybe some day… Maybe some day…

Hey we should have a UNICON in Philadephia! Some people can stay at my house if they want. We could use the convention center, finally something awesome would be there.