Surly's new 26x4 tire (on a Large Marge rim)

Yes John, you should have come to Moab. Not to worry, though, you were doing Moab when Moab wasn’t cool. I know we’ll see you in the future. As for George’s 4 incher (err, ah, tire–that is) I didn’t like it on the pavement. It was fairly reluctant to obey my wishes. Then I dropped off the pavement and floated along sand/gravel start of the Slickrock trail. Its crazy. It doesn’t seem to care about loose sand, rocks, or much of anything. The beast just floats. It will make a great 21st unicycle for Dan, I imagine.

Dang, its snowing again here… where’s my 4 incher"?..


Hey Rolf,
Thanks for a great weekend.

Comments from anyone else who got to ride the beast would be welcome. I’m sure Surly would like to hear what the unicyclists think.

Clearance on my frame was obviously pretty tight. I’ve made a
prototype frame for “tigger” that will clear the tire with no problems. Check out that hub!

edit: ok so the photo angle isn’t hot… It will have about 3/8" on either side of the 4" tire.

It handled great in loose gravel/sand,took that little drop at the trail head like nothing,and bounced like crazy.It had the right amount of tread too.(for what little stuff i rode on)

mmm mmm, that hub looks so delicious I can taste it in my mouth. George, I am so looking forward to all the awesome unicycle products that you are coming up with. I hope we can connect up when I come to visit relatives that newly moved to your area (actually Colorado Springs, can’t split hairs here…). Also, awesome on the Alaska adventure. I am going there next summer to visit my sister’s family in Havestaed (don’t bother to look it up, its their name for the area they live which is 50 miles down the Yukon from the 150 resident city of Eagle). Total wilderness. I hope to take my unicycle along and have some great riding adventures through the mosquito infested peat moss tundra. Can you tell I’ve already been there before?..

Did I mention it was snowing last time? Well, here it is three hours later with severe blue skies and sunshine. Thats the weather here along the Wasatch front…:wink:

What is the minimum (safe) rim width for this tire? an arrow racing rim is 38 mm inside diameter. would that be too small and just have the tire fold off the rim?

Putting it on anything but a Large Marge would be pretty silly.

Does any one know where to but high quality endcap bearing holders either in Al or steel. They seem to be the hardest bit of a frame to DYI. I would love to try and build a frame for this tire.

I will be trying to ride in snow 1st time this winter in Australa.

Also, I had a Gazz 2.6 and replaced it with a Michellin 2.6 which I liked a lot more for hard and gravel surfaces.


why would it be silly?

Well, the purpose of the large tire is to provide low-pressure flotation and traction. So you are going to run it at very low pressure – say 7 psi, or 10 or so. Think of a wide wide tire on a relatively narrow rim at that pressure – your rim is going to skew all over the place, and eventually run at an angle right off the tire.

The only way to keep a fat tire on a narrow rim is to use high pressure, which contradicts the original purpose of the Surly tire.

Ask Gary of . I’m pretty sure he has some lying around.