Surly's new 26x4 tire (on a Large Marge rim)

Re: Nope…it’s not a replacement for a Nokian Gazz

are they going to be available in 36 hole?

are they going to be available in 36 hole?

Yep. I think 36-hole 24" rims will outsell the 32-hole units.

cool, they will sell more in 36 with us for sure…do you have a price estimate?

Got my 26 last week. $115 shipped from Speedgoat. One thing that puzzles me, why a drill it for a presta valve? Does anybody make a 3.0 tube with a presta valve? Combined with the Gazzalodi, it will fit my stock Hunter frame. No way the 4.0 will fit though.

You call that a tyre? that is a skinny slick! You should see what Kris has been considering for next years KH range. :slight_smile:


lol … thats a motorcycle tire …

At Moab 2004 Ryan got a prize on awards night that was a 24x3.0 tube with a presta valve. I don’t know abut 26", though. Why not just re-drill it?

Presta valves are lighter and simpler…fewer parts to freeze up. And, because the valve is threaded and nutted, there’s less of a tendancy for the tire and tube to slip around the rim at low pressures. When the tire slips, there’s potential for tube damage at the valve.

The Salsa 26 x 2.7" tube comes with a presta valve. It works fine in a 3.0" tire. I use that tube in our 3.7" tire.

We’ll offer a Surly 26 x 3.0" - 4.0" presta tube in a few months. I’m not sure about a 24" tube, yet.

It’s easy to drill out the Presta hole to make it work with Schrader valves. To go from Schrader to Presta, you need an adapter…one more part to buy and possibly lose.


I’m going to have to drill it anyway, just was curious because Ive never seen a 26" presta 3.0 tube. Stans tubeless requires you drill the inside at 3/8 and the outside to be left alone for the DH kit (barring its already a schrader). I’m also going to have to weld new brake mounts on. I put them on at 108mm, going to have to go up to 120mm.

I got to test the 26x4 on snow today. I was thoroughly impressed, and wishing I had the tire 3 weeks ago for my race in Alaska.

I ran the pressure really low, maybe 6-7 psi. Hopping would compress most of the tire, but it sure cruised over the snow! The trail was fairly chewed up from hikers / show shoers, so it was pretty similar to the Susitna race course. It definitely made the trail more rideable than a Gazz - that big footprint just floats over the bumps.

I should find some dirt this week, and slickrock next week!

6-7 psi…that’s incredible! I’m really looking forward to hearing how it performs on the dirt and rock.


Good report - awesome photo!

Re: Surly’s new 26x4 tire (on a Large Marge rim)

I can see 4" tyres gaining some (or a lot of) ground in the future.

I’ve noticed before (e.g. that
generally the widest tyres seem to be most appreciated. While there
will be some limit to favourable tyre width, that limit is apparently
not yet reached. I think there is room (figuratively speaking) for
even wider ones, at least to try them out for their virtues.

So where is that 3" Big Apple hanging out? And, now that a 4" off-road
seems to work, how about a 5" or 6" MUni tyre?

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Re: Re: Surly’s new 26x4 tire (on a Large Marge rim)

me too but i can see the weight penalty becoming the deciding factor. we need a kevlar beaded fat tyre.

I got to ride that thing a little at moab…It was INSANE.

4" tire

George was good enough to let all comers at Moab try this thing out. Those of us who did, agree; We want one! It’s really cool, doesn’t seem overly heavy and just floats over sand and loose soils. No, it won’t replace your Gazz equipped MUni, but it would be a VERY fun second unicycle!

It does eat up bumps, and rolls over sand with not much trouble. It doesn’t like to turn, even on pavement; on sand, it’ll dig in if you try to turn, but I suppose that’s true of anything. This particular design, I think will remain mostly limited to specialized uses (sand and snow, and perhaps a bit of trials because it hops really high). But once there are frames that fit it, we might start to see some 3.5" and 4" tires with tread patterns which work better for general use.

Thanks for the insight guys, now I’ve decided not to base my new custom frame around a 4" tyre, nor a 24" Large Marge rim.


Re: 4" tire

Second unicycle??? Harrumph!
Getting a Large Marge would be my 11th unicycle. Not many people here only have one unicycle. :slight_smile:

What you meant to say is that the Large Marge would make a VERY fun additional unicycle!

I should have gone to Moab so I could have tried the Large Marge. My loss. For now I’ll just have to try to imagine.

re: 2nd unicycle

You’re right, John. I was just trying to be sensitive to those poor souls who only have one or two or a few unicycles. At my house there are around twenty, but I would love to have an additional 4" x 29"! Dan