Surly's new 26x4 tire (on a Large Marge rim)

I was lucky enough to receive a prototype sample of Surly’s new monster truck tire. It’s actual width is about 3.6", so it fit in my existing snow unicycle frame.


I’m testing a heavy sample (1930 grams), the production version should be lighter than a 26x3 Gazz (by about 400g). Frankly, the weight of my sample doesn’t really bother me, it’s only somewhat noticeable.

These are NOT YET AVAILABLE, but should be sometime this summer. Keep an eye on Surly’s website,

It’s only been assembled for about an hour, so I haven’t got to do much testing. I’ve dorked around in my parking lot, and first impressions are good! I’m running 8-12 psi in the tire, I think I like about 10 psi (and I weigh 180 lb or so).

I’ll report back after some more testing!

That’s a 3" Gazz on an Alex DX32 rim in the pictures for comparison.

Wow, that’s a huge combination. Can’t wait to hear how it rides.

What’s the story on that frame? Is that one that your made? It looks a lot like a SH.


Holy sh*t, Batman!!!
That thing is HUGE!!!

I guess I’ll have to build another frame if I get one of those :astonished:

“knarly” :sunglasses:

It looks alil ‘thin’ on the knobbies.
Looks slippery to me…

I’d also be curious as the the rubber qualities.
(How long those little knobbies would last)

a few miles later…

Rolling up and down curbs is a breeze. Pretty much point and pedal. It’s like having suspension… you hardly feel the bump.

I rode down a flight of stairs. It’s almost too easy… very smooth.

It has different handling characteristics on pavement than the Gazz that I’m used to. Steering was a bit different, though I’ve ridden almost nothing but a Gazz for the last 6 years. It reminded me of the first time I rode a Fireball, but not as drastic. I’m pretty much used to it now.

Daino - Yes, I made the frame. It was SH “inspired”. I wanted something collapsible to get the whole packing under airline size requirements (and it’s fairly swanky). I also wanted to go with aluminum to avoid corrosion problems (it’s primarily a snow machine).

OMG!! That’s almost excessive…almost. I want one!

I’ll be bringing this beast to MMF, though you’ll have to be fairly tall to ride it.

Dave - the tire is aimed at snow/sand riders and rock crawlers, so the knobs are appropriate for that. I suspect it will do OK on dry trails, but I might shy away from mossy logs.

I’d imagine that Surly would only use good rubber, and I’m sure it wears fine on dirt and rocks.

now i need to find a way to get to MMF. i’m sure i’m tall enough to ride that. damn. now i have a new base to build a muni around. more money i wanna spend but don’t have…george, stop making such cool unicycles and make surly not release that tire…i’m poor enough already.

Do you think it would fit on a KH frame w/o rubbing? what about a DX32?

That’s beautiful! Hey George, any news on the 24" Large Marge rims? I’m waiting for one for my muni upgrade.


Good story, tell it again. :slight_smile: I’d say you won’t find a production frame that can clear the tire, at least right now. Once people realize that it’s an awesome combo, manufacturers might listen and get something out there - like what happened with the 2003 to 2004 DX’s and 3" tires. For now it will probably take a custom frame.

I think that’d be too much tire on a DX32, it might fold over easily… but who knows.

Andrew - I heard that the 24" LMs are now available.

Is Surly going to do a 24" version of that big tire?

Those colors, silver and blue, so sexy. That is the sexiest uni I have ever seen.

That tire does it real good, too. So sexy.

I’ve heard no plans for a 24", but with the LM the 26" came first, then the 24" came a year later. I suppose we can hope. There is a 24" LM.

Well I’m going to add an extra 10mm clearance just in case then…hmmm, should that be an extra 10mm each side?


Nice muni! Did you cnc the frame? You seemed to go with nearly the same design as me… I am guessing you chose kookas over profiles again for the corrosion resistance?

The tire looks great, and seems like it’d be a blast for some trails. I must say, though I can’t see that tire reaching the levels of success that the gazz has. There is a limit to how big a tire can get before becoming detrimental to riding. If the tire is lighter than the gazz, I imagine the sidewalls and knobs are much lighter and smaller, which isn’t neccessarily ideal. I don’t think I would want that tire for my muni, since it’d make a giant crown for the frame, add weight, and lose maneuverability (I assume). The crown for a 3.6" wide tire will be around 5.5-6" wide (gazz is 2.6, and most crowns are aaroun d 4.5-5" wide for that), which is getting a bit excessive.

George, glad I’m “fairly tall” - can’t wait to try it in Moab. That’s an amazing photo showing a 3" Gazz looking small. It looks like more of a difference than that between a 3" and 2.6" Gazz. And that’s very cool that it won’t weigh as much as the biggest Gazz. 10psi!


Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, CNC on the frame. Kookas mainly because Profiles weren’t necessary. The uni is made for riding lots of miles on fairly flat snow - no real drops, hops, etc so no need to lug an extra pound (or whatever) of steel.

I’ll agree the tire may not be as versatile as the Gazz, but it’s a blast to ride on appropriate terrain. I don’t think anyone was suggesting it was a Gazz replacement - it’s another steed in the uni stable! I’ll know more after a few more rides. It may be a good “Moab tire”.

You’re a bit off on your widths. My crown is 4.62" wide and has OK clearance (but admittedly not a lot). I suspect a frame with ample clearance would be less than 5" wide. Notice the clearance enhancing cuts on my leg pieces. A hunter’esque frame using 1/2" tubing could also be sufficiently narrow. An ovalized single leg type approach would probably work too. The real challenge might be brake mounts.

Nope…it’s not a replacement for a Nokian Gazz

Our tire wasn’t designed to replace anything. It was designed to be a large-volume sand/snow/loose condition tire to compliment our Large Marge rim and Pugsley frameset. It will replace the Nokian in some conditions, but no tire can be the best for everything. Use the right tool for the job.

Production tires will utilize a single-ply casing and 60a durometer rubber. The 60tpi casing samples weigh about 1260 grams. The outside diameter is 740mm…it’s a 29er.

I have 400 miles (mostly street) on the tires I’m riding (on a Pugsley), and they still have plenty of tread on 'em. The tread and sidewalls are holding up fine after repeated inflating and deflating from 40psi (on-road pressure) to 5psi (off-road pressure).

No 24" tires are planned at this time. 26" tires should be in stock in a few months, if all goes well.

24" Large Marge rims shipped last week. They should arrive in 3 weeks, if customs doesn’t delay the shipment for some reason. That happens from time to time.