Surly Unicycles?

all i have ever heard about on the fora is the surly conundrum. that is only the beginning. where are the other unicycles? There is a local guy who rides a surly 29er around a park all the time. they look like great unicycles i just want to know why they aren’t more popular and well known. the one i saw was square taper.

Surly’s only Unicycle specific product is… indeed, the Conundrum.

nah, this guy had a 29" road cycle… cotterless w/a skinny rim and tire…

I have a Surly 26". I bought it in March. I wanted that big 3.7 endomorph tire (looks way cool) and it was snowing a lot in March in Colorado. I love many things about the uni. It is bad-ass. I did some rides in the Great Sand Dunes National Park as will as in Southern Utah that would have been impossible on any other tire. I floats incredibly well in sand and absorbs rocks and crud liek nothing else. I kept riding Muni all summer on the Endo tire and mostly pooh-poohed the many voices that say the Endo tire is too big and bulky for an effecttive muni tire. I just thought I needed to improve my muni technique and that we adjust to what we are used to. Well, this weekend my Endo tire finally wore out and I bought the Duro 3.0 to compare the two
The first thing that I noticed was the huge weight difference from and effectively bald endomorph to an new 26" duro. It felt like I’d added 20 pounds. I had been getting good at “double-bouncing” the endomorph to spring up steeps and rocky sections, and the Duro felt rock hard and dead by comparision. But once I started to descend, I humbly acknowledged the wisdom of those that caution of the endomorph as an overall muni tire. I instantly improved my technical abilities significantly on the Duro. More control, more confidence, partaking in steeper sections with more drops and making more of them. It still seems heavy and I have more trouble doing the rolling hops off ledges, but once I land I have way more control. I am able to “feel” the trail and mirco-adjust both up and down in a way that was impossible on the 3.7 endomorph.
As for the frame and the rim, I love the super wide Large Marge rim. I gives me a wide platform in rocky crud. The frame, of course, is spurred to allow for a 4 inch tire. Intitially, I struck the frame a lot with my legs, especially when I struggled in difficult terrain. But that had lessened considerable as my skill increases. I love riding snow and sand so I am psyched to have a uni that will accommodate both tires. The weight of the 26" is definitely a downside to my set-up, but I am getting stronger and that can only be a good thing. I love the speed I attain on the bigger wheel and my ability to roll over obstacles is greater. When I hop on a friends KH24 it seems like a feathery toy by comparison. The 26" Surly/Marge set up definitely means business. If I were rich I would get a KH24 for more trialsy-type muni, but my black beast is awesome for the Colorado single track that I love to ride. Let’s hear more feedback on the Surly.

Wow, you made it sound so good…
you could be a salesmen:) (if you aren’t already)

Maybe he just stuck a Surly sticker on it and lied to you?

no, it was a different design than i have ever seen. the guy seemed reasonable. what would be the point of that?

To make you make threads like this Haha.

E-Mail Surly and ask.