Surly Rims

I tried to find this covered elsewhere here but really couldn’t any definitive. I want to get a rolling Darryl rim for a 26" conundrum frame and was wondering if it would fit.
I saw a post from a while ago:

where Nurse Ben said he thinks the frame would handle it fine but I was wondering if any had this set up or knows for sure if it did fit. If someone does have tis set up what tire do you use with it and how does it handle the snow and ice?

Also has anyone heard anyone tried out the Clown Shoe rim?

Is there any frame that would fit this?

Unicycles use 36 and 48 hole hubs for the most part, Surly has 32 and 36 hole rims in the Large Marge, but the fatter rims are 32 hole, so you’d need a 32 hole hub:

A rim wider than the Large Marge is not going to change much for a Larry, but would increase the footprint for a Big Fat Larry.

Have you checked on prices, the rim and tire alone will run >$300USD, then you need a hub, a wheel build, probably new spokes, so $450 for a complete wheel that will probably not fit in your frame (Conundrum), so add another $200 for an Oregon frame

…but wait, the Oregon frame is designed for a hub disc brake, the 32h hub is not disc compatible, so now you need to get a crank disc brake system, so add another $150…

I’d stick with the LM and Larry, I rode a BFL and it was not as nice for muni as the Larry. If you want a more robust tire and don’t mind the weight, get a Devist8er.

FYI, there may be some lesser know rim makers who can drill a fatter rim for 36h, ask Saskatechawanian about his rims, I think they come out of Canada or Alaska.


I’m almost positive that Darryl will fit the Conundrum frame, but it would be too wide to allow you to mount a stock Magura rim brake - I’m just saying that you could modify (shave) the brake pads and slave cyclinder’s pad guide “horns” and using offset brake mounts. AND, I don’t think the Darryl rim is designed to be used with rim brakes, so it might mean you’d have to go disc.

I don’t know that anyone really needs a uni rim as wide as Darryl, but if are compelled to go big, go for it! The BFL tire on the 65mm wide Large Marge requires that you clearance your conundrum frame at the top of the crown. With the BFL and Darryl rim, not sure if the tire will be flat enough to not require frame clearancing. . . . only one way to find out I guess.

Clownshoes rim . . . . I have no idea . . . .

I thought that the Darryl might be a bit much but figured I would find out what others thought. I just read your (Nurse Ben) review of the Devist8r and it looks like a solid way to go. I was looking into either a Larry or a Surly Nate tire, but will definitely give the Devist8r a look.

A much cheeper experiment would be to buy a Vicious Cycles Graceful Fat Sheba rim and see how you like rolling fat.

Pretty sure a 80mm rim would fit just fine in a Conundrum, but like Bryce mentioned using rim brakes may be an issue.

Using a 80mm rim will affect how the tire acts compared to a 65mm rim. Mostly it just makes it more stable at low pressures but you will notice trail camber more.

this post is worth a look for anyone wondering if a fat wheel will fit in their frame

I think there is a point at which a tire is too big, whether it’s a bike, unicycle, or a truck. Since a unicycle has some unique issues, like less stability and no gears, riding a big tire takes a whole lot of energy. I like riding my fat tire muni, and even though it allows me to do some amazing things, it also makes me amazingly tired. If I had to ride my Oregon on a twenty mile trail ride, I think that would be really, really tiring, whereas with a 29er it is just tiring :smiley:

All of the Surly tires have a similar casing, soft and pliable, more a suspension tire, so think float vs edging. The Devista8er is the only fat tire that has enough sidewall/casing and tread to qualify as a freeride or DH tire, but you pay a stiff weight penalty; 400-450gm heavier than a Larry.

I miss the Larry for the lighter weight, but I don’t miss the Larry for lack of traction and poor edge control, both tires are fine in terms of suspension, a 4" tire is a lot of suspension no matter how you look at it.

I think Saskatechawanian is the most likley rider to try out a Daryl or Clown Shoe, but what frame will contain that size rim other than an Oregon?

You could do a QuAx 48 hole disc hub and skip holes on the hub while lacing, then you could pretty much run any wheel/tire combo, as the Oregon frame is quite wide.

It would make sense if all the major uni mfgs agreed to start using the 32hole standard…