Surly Rabbit Hole 26+ or Stans ZTR Hugo?

Rabbit Hole: 50mm, 600g, cool colors, nice cutouts, ~ $120

Stans ZTR Hugo 52: tubeless optimized, 53.1mm - slightly wider, 690g - heavier, but if tubeless?, and then there’s this “the V2 version was strengthened from the original version with thicker sidewalls and eyelets” Hummm…, $140.

I plan to mount a Surly Knard 26x3.0, of course, unless someone has a better idea. Primary goal – significantly drop the weight of my clunker 9-yr old Gazzaloddi setup, while waiting for my Flansberrium frame for my Veetire 2XL setup. Short-term – will mount Knard on current ancient Nimbus wheel. I enjoy building wheels, thus the reason to get a new rim.

If I don’t go tubeless, the Rabbit Hole seems to make sense.

If I want to go tubeless, Stans probably makes more sense, but I’m still not convinced why I’d want to do this. What a hassle; I hate schmutz. I think I’ll save a few ounces over a lightweight tube. I’ve never had puncture problems. They say tubeless rides better… Seems like tubeless is a bit of a pain and a bit expensive once you had up all the crap you need. But it is cool and my mtn bike is tubeless…


I’ve been lucky with tubes, and haven’t ever had a flat on a uni, but I mostly ride road, and the nightrider is indestructible it seems. I think there are 2 main reasons for tubeless. Flats, and low pressure. You really can just leave the repair kit for flats at home if you go tubeless. Having said that, if you run a larger tire, it’s really not saving you much or any weight, and like you say, it’s a pain to set up. I’ve kinda always been more fond of tubes myself, and if you’re going with a 120tpi knard, it’s already a little light on the casing for a unicycle tire, so if you did run it at low pressure tubeless you may have some folding issues. I vote rabbit hole. I would also take a strong look at the KH rim. it’s a 47, and I would imagine quite a lot stronger than a rabbit hole. Also, both of those only come in a 32 spoke version, so you’d have to get a 32 hole nimbus hub to build it up around.

Good thoughts. I was thinking of reusing my current hub, which is probably a 36 hole, so the KH could make sense. One less thing to buy.

Why not the Rabbit hole tubeless? Shall work fine.
Knard + Rabbit Hole tubeless
Knard + Rabbit Hole tubeless + comparison to Stan’s Flow Ex

Do not use a Hugo. These rims have a reputation for bending easily on bikes.

Interesting. That must be why Stans sent me this: V2 version was strengthened from the original version with thicker sidewalls and eyelets". I’ll stay away…

Velocity Dually? Slightly less width @ 39mm interior /45mm exterior, double walled, same weight as Rabbit Hole.

I just ordered a Vee Trax Fatty 26x3.0. I was considering a Knard but the 120 TPI VTF was much less expensive and should give slightly more clearance on my 2014 KH26 frame.

Also sticking with tubes.

Tubeless setup on rabbit hole is super easy. I’ve got them on my instigator, haven’t had a single problem.

Received Trax Fatty 26x3 today - weighs 794g. On a 47mm rim it measures 70mm (2.75"), casing wider than knobs. We’ll see if it stretches any.

For comparison, Kris measured the Knard at 79mm. Reducing clearance by 4.5mm on each side of my frame would make things pretty tight so the VTF may have been the right choice. Have to get some rides in.