Surly Large Marge 26" rim

anyone have a 26" Large Marge rim they want to get rid of?
If it’s laced together with a hub…I’ll consider it too :slight_smile:

Just to let you know Surly is not your only choice for uber wide rims. I have never seen any of them on a unicycle before but there are fat rims available from Snow Cat, Umma, Choper US, Tommisea, Speedway, and Vicious Cycles.

And if you can’t find a LM or any of the other rims listed above there is this beauty :stuck_out_tongue:

For more info on fat rims check out the fatbike section of mtbr

I’ve got a 26" Large Marge that I haven’t used in awhile. It’s in pretty nice condition, very few scratches. It’s built into a profile hub with 170 cranks (warrantied last spring, hardly used since), the larger of the bearing sizes to fit 42mm frames. I’d like to sell as a wheel.

Asking 200 plus shipping, Interested?


Hmmm Maybe, I was thinking an ISIS as I have a few sets of moment cranks but I’ll consider it. Do you have pics?

Not yet. I’ll get some later today.

pics of the LM wheelset

I’m waiting on pics… I PM’d you an offer but would still like to see the pics.

Sorry, It’s at my parents place. I took pictures sunday night, but forgot to get them online. I also managed to not notice the PM. Here are a couple pictures, let me know if you’re still interested:


The offer stands, $200 shipped, the braking surface hasn’t been bent or nicked, has it?

Second thought and a better look at the wheel… I’ll pass. I really don’t want a profile hub/crank set-up

No Problem. Sounds like you’re still looking for a Large Marge, though. Good luck.

Yup, still am…