Surly Knard

I would like to know how many km on trails/asphalt (80%/20%) can be done with this tire until the knobs will be destroyed. I know that this tire is primary designed for snow or sand… Have you any experience? Post some photos with your Surly Knard on KH26 and write what trails and how many km you had ridden. Thanks!

I haven’t tried the Knard yet, so I can’t give any actual usage info. However, even though the Knard should work very well in sand and snow because of the large volume, I think the Knard is pretty much an all-rounder.

I’m not exactly sure what the rubber hardness is, but I would guess it’s not too soft as it supposedly does not excel at grip when wet (is only all right). Thus I think it should have pretty long life. It is a “light-weight” tire, so maybe that has some effect on the durability, but I think that is more in the casing and stuff, rather than it the outer tread…

As to the exact question concerning the knobs being destroyed:

  1. either there is a minor design/manufacturing defect so the knobs fall off (like on the awesome mountain bike tire Schwalbe Fat Albert whose only real deficit is losing knobs prematurely) - from the look of the Knard the knobs are smaller so this seems unlikely.
  2. or it is simply due to rubber wear, which is primarily a function of the rubber hardness (and usage friction of course).

I have the Oracle 29er with Surly Knard (120 tpi). Have no picture with detail rubber wear, but they are still in very good condition. Distance ridden so far is around 1 500 km and with estimated 30/70% (trail/asphalt).

Pictures of the actual wear.

Looks like the intermediate knobs are scrubbing away, but for 1500km of use it’s not bad at all.

What width is your rim? I wonder if it would wear even better on a wider rim.

It’s the Dominator2 rim - 42mm wide.