Surly Knard 29x3

Wow, a 24" fatty, just when we thought the 24" wheel was dead :roll_eyes:

That would be an interesting tire to try on a 24" wheel, but the only production frames that can accomodate a 4" tire are the Conundrum and the Oregon.

But I would think that between the potential larger diameter of the Duro and the extra frame clearance of the Nimbus Muni frames the Dirt Wizard would fit. :thinking: . Ben, would your 650b fit in a 26er frame?

Most 26" forks aren’t made to fit a 26x2.75" tire but the Nimbus 26" unicycle frames are. Bikes designed to take a 26x2.7 like the Surly 1x1 can be converted to 650b MTB wheels/tires without issues with clearance. Still, it could be an exceptionally tall 2.75" wide tire so I think we’ll have to wait and see.

The Knard 29" x 3" is 75mm wide and 65mm tall on a 35mm rim. It was a tad wider on a 50mm rim, but also a tad shorter.

The Hans Dampf 650b is ~ 1/2" taller than a Duro 26 x 3" on an LM rim.

A 26" rim with a theoretical 26 x 3" “Knard like tire” is going to be 27.5-28" in diameter.

So yeah, it’ll probably fit in a frame designed for a Duro 26", like the Nimbus II, but if you’re looking at the KH 26 or Oracle 26, just be sure to meaure leg width and crown height before buying.

I believe the Oracle 26 and Oracle 29 have the same leg spacing, only the crown is different. I’d err on the side of extra space…which would also give you the 29er option for a latter date.

I’m riding the Knard 29 x 3 on my Oracle 29 :smiley:

Update on the Knard:

I played with tubeless last night and it was doable, but I decided to stay with tubes. The Knard hooks well into the Blunt sidewall, but the wire bead 27tpi Knard is “reluctant” to be pushed into the hook without a visit to the tire shop.

This is not a big deal, but it got me thinking about what might happen if I had issues on the trail…

The other tires I have made tubeless, other than my 36er, were easy to set up and get sealed with a floor pump, so I don’t fear having a blow out on the trail with those tires.

So I got the Knard rolling on my Oracle 29er, it was a much lighter ride than the Oregon, and even though I’m running shorter cranks now (150), it was only a little bit more challenging to climb steeps; I’ve resigned myself to walking when riding tall tire :o

I did have some minor rubbing, only on the left side, and only when climbing hard, so I’m going to trim the edge knobbies with a razor knife which should solve the problem.

The Knard is a really nice tire, about the only downside is the height, it’s just so tall for muni; at ~31" it is nearly the same size as my 32"!

I look forward to getting a 26" x2.27" Surly Dirt Wizard, the reduced height and weight will be a real plus for all around use.

So I’m curious if the Oracle 29" frame has the same dimensions as the Drak.


The KH26 frame shouldn’t be a problem as Kris mentioned that they were compatible with a Duro (since september 2009) and the later line-up announcements do not mention any re-design since.

I will give it a try with a friend’s wheelset that features a Duro on a Dominator rim.

Can’t wait to see the new generation of beffy tires enlarging (after the HD SG & this Dirt Wizard or any other Surly tire around 26x3.0…) :smiley:

Me and ben don’t think a 27.5 will fit in a 2012 Kh 26 frame

Wes and I scoped it out on his KH 26 (mine now), and the Duro 3" clears with 1/2" to spare. The 650b HDSG is an inch + taller that the Duro 26 x3", so even if clears, it’s so tight that it ain’t gonna work for anything but dry.

However, a 26" HD SG will fit :smiley:

Wes seemed to think a Nimbus II 26" frame had a taller crown, so that might be an option.

Not sure about the Oracle 26", maybe someone could take a measurement…

Yes? :roll_eyes: I’ll help if I can, let me know what dimensions you’re looking for and I can compare them to my frame if you want.

I’ll check the frame height on my 26" Muni when it gets here. :smiley: I’m hoping the new Dirt Wizard’ll fit in there, but I may also run the HD SG at some point as well. First I wanna see how I like the Duro.

As for tubeless, I ain’t gonna mess with it on this uni for now. If I felt like throwing a uni out the window I’d just go try to add some sealant to my 36er.

I had a friend measure a nimbus 26 frame and its 2.5in pf room to top

That’s for sure.

I thought the concern of NurseBen was about fitting the new Dirt Wizard in 26x2.75 under the KH26 crown.

For the 650B adventure, better stay on the safe side and use a 29er frame :wink:

According to the rumors, the Dirt Wizard 26x2.75 is supposed to have about the same height as a 650b wheel. No mention of what 650b tire it is being compared to though I’d assume it’s something like a 27.5x2.0 rather than a larger tire like the 2.35 HD Ben is using. Another possiblility is that the Dirt Wizard has a diameter of about 27.5" so they can say it’s the size of a 650b wheel without any direct comparisons. I’m hoping for the former.

Update on the Knard 29 x 3 fit on an Oracle 29 frame:

I had a little knobby rubbing when I was standing to peddle, not enough to slow me down, but I could feel and hear it.

Sooo, I cut off the offending knobbies :astonished:

It really wasn’t that hard, I used a razor knife and simply nipped the knobbies that run along the outside edge of the shoulder, probably took an 1/8" all the way around on both sides.

The fit is now fine, no more rubbing, clearance is about 3/8" on both sides and 1/2-5/8" to the crown.

What I read was that the stated width of “2.75” was a joke, poking fun at the 27.5" wheel size :slight_smile:

Seems like it would have been easier to put a piece of sandpaper around your frame leg where they rubbed and then just ride it a mile or two. I guess that would leave you less room though.

From the Surly catalog:

Rumor suggests a Fall release…I’m good for one 26+ to replace my Oregon 4" tires :smiley:

An aggressive tread focused on traction and control
in loose and varied terrain, with beveled leading
edge dual row knobs in the center and well-spaced,
siped edge knobs to dig into loose corners. Designed
to be run on 50mm rims, the 2.75˝ casing inflates
about 27.5˝ overall diameter (that’s pert near
650b, folks), meaning you get some benefits
of a larger diameter tire like ground approach
angle and more footprint, with easier maneuverability
of a smaller diameter tire, plus some extra
pneumatic cushioning. Minimum rim size for these
bad boys is 35mm.
ETRTO: 622mm
Casing: 120tpi, folding bead (850g)
27tpi wire bead (1070g)

A 29˝ version of the aggressive, trail gobbling,
traction- and control-focused Dirt Wizard tread.
Dirt Wizard tires feature beveled leading edge dual
row knobs in the center and well-spaced, siped
edge knobs to dig into loose corners. Designed
to be run on 50mm rims, the tires are tall and
wide, providing next-level traction and cushioning.
The casings have been designed to be responsive
yet supportive, even in the heavier 27tpi version.
Minimum rim size for these bad boys is 35mm.
ETRTO: 559mm
(note: designed for 50mm wide rims.
requires minimum of 35mm wide rim
to safely engage bead hook)
Casing: 120tpi folding bead (TBD)
27tpi wire bead (TBD)

I seem to remember that you had an oregon frame some time ago. The surly 29 x 3 easily fits in that frame with plenty of room to spare. Did you find any advantages in using the tire in an oracle frame as opposed to the oregon one?


The Oregon is more than just a very wide frame, it is also a very wide hub, so it has a different feel than a narrow hubbed muni and it weighs a fair bit more.

I found that the 4" tire was fun, but not necessary, so as the novelty wore thin I found myself riding the Oregon with narrower tires that would work fine on a regular muni, hence the trade of my Oregon and the build of my Oracle 29.

The Oracle 29 frame is good for all “three” tires and wheels I’m running; the third wheel is a 26" that is under construction. I think that if the Oracle frame was made 1/2" wider, it would fit all foreseeable tires and wheels we might run.

My Oracle is very lightweight, that is what I like best :smiley:

I have the Oregon! I’ll be getting a dirt wizzerd on order today :wink:

So I got the knard in the mail yesterday. Courtesy of nurseben. Despite what others have said about the knard not fitting on KH 29 frame I tried it and somehow she fit! Though my wheel does need to be trued due to the small amount of clearance.


Maybe it fits because of NB’s modifications.