Surly Knard: 29 x 3" 120tpi & 26 x 3.8 120tpi

These tires are both lightly used, fewer than twenty miles of use, still have the little rubber nubbies on the tire.

The 29 x 3" 120 tpi Knard is the fattest 29er tire made. This tire is built on the Surly Ultralight folding bead casing, weight is less that 1000gm!! To date the Nimbus Oregon is the only production frame that fits this tire, though the revised Nimbus Oracle 29 may fit (arriving April 2013).
Retail is $120, looking for $100, shipping negotiable.

The 26 x 3.8" 120 tpi Knard is built on the classic Surly fat tire folding bead casing with low profile unidirectional knobbies. This is a very fast fat tire, great for all conditions, excels on firm surfaces. This tire will fit Surly Conundrum and Nimbus Oregon frames.
Retail is $150, looking $120, shipping negotiable.

Package deal for both tires!!

PM for details

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