Surly Frame

I always enjoy photos of everyones new rides so,
Modifications still in progress so i’ll have to wait a bit longer to give my opinion on the 3.7.

super duper comes to mind here,

You have a fluffy dog.

  1. Aren’t you scared to be that close to a bear?

  2. Wholy bomb-proof muni batman! (once the LargeMarge is in place;) )

  3. If that frame where mine, it’d look like swiss cheese by now.

  4. chaiftastic amount of padding on that seat?

  5. those pedals look sweet. what are they?

that post made me laugh.

yeah that really is a chunky-ass seat! what kind of foam/gel/air are you using?

I see you have a sun double wide rim on it. are you going to put a large marge on there? I think the sun double wide will be a bit skinny for the 3.7 endomorph.

AWESOME, I know one person with a surly and it’s a beast! Its a great ride, for sure. Have fun.

I bet it’s helium, help with the jumping and all…


Where are you in Colorado? I am in Ridgway but I still work in Telluride.

Do you mean you’d drill holes to save weight?

I’ve been having alot of fun on it already,got the brake ready to go just waiting on parts for a wheel build. Tellurider i’m in Breckenridge.

  1. my dog scares off the bears
  2. yes i’m still awaiting my large marge/endomorph combo
  3. swiss?,hmmmm
  4. air/foam on top mixture seems comfortable to me, i like some preload
  5. crank brothers 50/50 with most of the pins in

Will the brakes work with a rim smaller than the largemarge? Something like what you’re running now or is the 120mm spacing to much?

its too much,i tried stretching the travel as far as I could but no contact with the 47 mm doublewide.