Surly Frame MUni at UDC

There’s a new MUni at UDC featuring the Surly frame.

What do you think it weighs?

Why on earth do they sell it with a KH rim? The whole point of the frame is that it can fit the large marge rim and endomorph tyre. Presumably the brake won’t reach the rim as the mounts are setup for the LM, do they use adaptors or somethign?


they are selling a great muni, but are ruining it, because it doesn’t have a good distance seat (imo), doesn’t have the good rim which is the only reason the frame exists in the first place, and is overpriced because they got a wheelbuild from that kovachi guy.

To all you Surly people - since the frame is $260 retail, what does a good Conundrum-framed uni cost to build from scratch w/LM rim and other components of general creamy goodness?

Seems like $995 is pretty steep without the brake, no? Does anyone think it’s twice as good as a plain-jane KH24?

Sounds like another rip off from UDC.USA

There’s not a 24" Endomorph tyre yet, right? Maybe that’s why they’re putting the KH wheelset on - and the frame is then ready to upgrade when it becomes available…

Doesn’t explain why they didn’t put a LM rim on though… Maybe they have trouble getting hold of them, or think it’s unnecessarily wide for the 24x3 tyre, or something…

Maybe someone should ask them?

it’s about $795 without brake and with a thompson seatpost. moment cranks and such.

edit: that’s without assembly and shipping costs.

They charge you $200US for a kovachi wheel build?

and they don’t give you a large marge wheel or endomorph tire.

The pic looks nice with the proper stuff that it was made for. I guess they’re over their “Charity money limit” (the excuse they made when I was about to get around $1000 of stuff and wouldn’t give a penny free) and must therefore charge more.

I’m really not seeing where the money is going on this unicycle. I mean for that price the thing better have a motor to get you up the hills!

btw I really like the seat for distance. I don’t know about you guys but slap on a pair of bike shorts and that thing is really nice.

Another huge rip-off is their Magura breaks:
At the, I got a front set (short enough that I did have to cut it and rebleed it) was $140 CAD, not a whopping $179US

well you choose, you just leave your seat preference in that little comment box when ordering. so you can get either the street or muni seat.

Also, notice that it DOES come with the Large Marge rim (I went to UDC today and looked at it). As zfreak220 said, you can chose the freeride if you want it. It has a Profile Hub/Crankset. So if you add it up, you have a near $300 frame, a $300 hub/crankset PROFESSIONALLY (not machine built) built by one of the best and most trusted wheel builders in the industry to a not so cheap rim. Another thing is they aren’t ordering these in bulk because they are so expensive, raising their cost on the item.

So Danni, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. But don’t come on here bashing UDC because you think they are ripping folks off before adding up the costs they themselves are having to buy the parts for and the labor involved with ordering specific parts and putting it all together. I mean, cmon dude, they have the best customer service most people have ever experienced. They aren’t in business to rip anyone off, they are there to spread unicycling. Steps off soap box

Eitherway, that uni is freakin’ awesome. If anyone is looking for a freeride MUni…here it is.

Except it doesn’t come with a Large Marge rim if you read the text, which is what everyone is moaning about. It comes with a narrower rim, with a pointless wide frame setup, which is probably significantly heavier, with a heavy old technology hub (unless you get the version with the newer KH Moment hub, it says Kh Moment hub when it’s available which I guess is now)

It’s made by surly, so I guess it has pimp points, but other than that, you’re just not getting such a well thought out package as the KH setup. This is just pimp for pimps sake


Gee, I wouldn’t have expected one of the best and most trusted wheel builders in the industry to completely mis-lace one of my spokes. (Didn’t cross it over at all). I don’t see how it’s even possible to send out a wheel like that unless the spoke tension was never tested. The wheel is probably better than machine-built, but that’s not saying much.

About the rim, I’m telling you, The text is wrong for the current setup. It happens sometimes that an item is listed wrong, but it is currently built with the Surly rim. I’ll ask them if they are going to build the future Surly’s with a KH rim though.

I’m sorry you had an issue with your wheel tholub, but you have to keep in mind John Kovoachi builds wheels not only for UDC but for many shops in the Southeast not to mention custom orders from elsewhere on his website. He is human and made a mistake it seems. Even Lance’s mechanic strips a bolt here and there.

I understand making a mistake. I’ve mis-laced a wheel before. In fact, I’ve made the same lacing error before, failing to cross over a spoke.

What I don’t understand is how a serious wheelbuilder can fail to catch that error while tensioning the wheel. A spoke that’s not crossed over behaves totally differently than a spoke that is, both in terms of its tone and tension and in terms of its affect on wheel trueness.

I donno man, I’m sorry that it happened. Maybe it was the end of the day or something and he was tired. Did everthing get worked out in the end?