Surly Dirt Wizard - anyone know if it'll fit yet?

Looks like Dirt Wizards are now available. Anyone know if this’ll fit a normal 26" frame? I got’s a Nimbus 26" Muni that is begging for a DW.

Is the 29er version available also?

I don’t know if it’ll fit, but I don’t like the look of the cross-section; those side knobs look like they’ll suck on anything with side slope or camber.

I still wouldn’t mind trying one out if it’d fit.

According to Kris, the Dirt Wizard is a 2.7 tire like the current 2.7 provided stock on the KH muni. And the good news is: the Knard 26x3.0 is more generous than the Duro and fits too :smiley:

The pics further down on the page (Flyn) makes it look a little milder, wider rim helps round things out, looks like a burlier Knard, might just have to build a 26" wheel for my muni :slight_smile:

Folks on MTBR are listing the diameter as ~27.25-27.5, so it’s not that tall, about the same as an Ardent 26 x 2.4, and if it’s 1000gm like Kris suggested, then it’s a tire worth trying but I’ll wait to see what Killian thinks when he rides his :wink:

I was kinda hoping it’d be a biggun to replace the Duro 26 x 3" …, oh well.

Gonna be a while Ben. First I need to decide if I want to drop that much coin on some rubber. Then I need the snow to melt so I can actually ride it (snow Muni isn’t really my thing. Or at least snow isn’t).

Funny, one of my LBS’s lists the Dirt Wizard in stock now, but when I went to a different one today to pick up a new bike, I asked about the Dirt Wizard and the guy looked at me like I was from a different planet. They carry Surly products, but hadn’t heard anything about the Dirt Wizard. Pretty strange.

Given the choice between the two, I’d probably pick the 3" Knard over the DW if the 26x3 Knard was available yet. I’ve done a 180 from where I was 3 months ago and want to jam as much volume as I can into my frame.

I see a 29x3, not a 26x3 on their site. :thinking:

In the works.

I just asked my LBS (GermantownCycles) about availability of the DW and they said 26 is available. No word on when the 29 will be available.