Surly Conundrum unicycle

where did you guys get your 26" conundrum from? in the US has a few left, you could possibly buy the frame only and build it over there.

they stopped making it. : ( sad times.

for the price though, you may want to look into a triton, if you’re going to build it up that nice, you may as well go all the way right? ; )

I believe they only have the 24" version.

I got my 24" from an online store with a LM rim for $150. They’re out of stock now and no one is selling them for that cheap now. I bought my 26" frame from another unicyclist who just didn’t feel like building it up.

they must’ve sold the 26 in the shop. I’d still call and ask just to be sure, sometimes they have stuff that’s not on their site O:-)

even still I think you can fit a 26 in tire in the 24 if it’s a smaller size tire. . . . dooooon’t quote me on that unless you’re sure to add the “think” ask someone who has one, but I believe it’s possible.

also, the 24 with the large tire is more like everybody else’s 26 : P

You can run a 26" with a smallish tire in the 24" frame BUT you won’t be able to use brakes without some “rigging”. The 24" frame with a LM rim and a 3.0 tire is a sweet set up but I LOVE my 26" with the lighter XC LM rim and the Larry tire… Love it!

Really, the reason to get the conundrum frame is to run a fatter tire. I may sell my 26" frame and get a Triton… We’ll see :slight_smile:

What is a Triton?


Triton is a brand of titanium frame -

here is a pic of a triton 26" with a Surly Larry Tire :

wow, sweet. I guess I found my next frame. Thanks