Surly Conundrum uni and 26" Endomorph tire

Those of you that have this set-up, what is your opinion of this compared to a 26" gazz DH tire on a hunter or KH?
I won’t be riding in snow or sand

Usually I ride in some mud and some loose trails/gravel as well as some urban hops, drops and silly stuff on asphalt/concrete
-What does the “energy loss” feel like because of the weight/springy-ness of the huge tire? How much more work is it than say a 29er with a cross tire on it?
-What hub do you use? Would the UDC wide square taper hub be a total mistake?
-What cranks/length do you run with this set-up?
-What tire pressure range do yoiu like for road and off-road?
-How much does the lack of tread knobs on the Endomorph handicap this tire in the dirt/mud? I guess I am wondering if it is too specialized for general off road use?
-Anyone worn out an Endomorph yet? Life-span??
-If I hate the Endomorph, is the Large Marge rim compatible with the 26" Gazz tire?


I have the Surly/LM/endomorf combo and it is a handful to ride. Tire pressure is critical, but I do it by feel so can’t give you a PSI. Large Marge is compatable with Gazz, but the Duro might be better all around with LMs width. I find I am exhausted quickley on the Surly, so end up on my KH 24" with a Gazz 95% of the time.
Oh, and I use a Profile hub with 175s.

This has kinda been briefly talked about before. The main conclusion was unless your doing alot of sand, or snow riding (wich your not) then dont get it. It’s big, bulky, and heavy. If you wanna go big tire, go with a 26" with a Gazz 3.0 or Gazz Jr. That will rip it up in every way.


Thanks and say . . . another thought,
Do you or anyone know if the Surly 26" frame would take a 29er wheel and tire?? The specs on the Endomorph put it’s O.A. diameter at 29" Yes, I know the brake mounts don’t support the 29" wheel, but I don’t use brakes anyway.

Id guess it would, but I dont know for sure on that.

Actually, the endomorph is lighter than the same size gazz (maybe not once you throw in the large marge too), but you’re correct, this tire is really sand and snow specific.

Still, if you want an endo capable uni, you could always build it up, and swap out the tire based on the conditions. (if you can deal with the somewhat wide Surly frame).

I can’t imagine why that wouldn’t work.

I’m still looking forward to the 24" Endomorph. I think it will be well suited for rough downhilling.


not as snappy on the trail, you really have to keep it rolling but wicked on the snow, listen to jrdugueod who says tire pressure if critical ( i go with mine around 20psi for street and ice and 15psi for snow). Anyways my 29 wheel with a 2.1 kenda on it fits in my Surly;) .

I’ve used a Large Marge/Endomoprh setup for the Kinetic Sculpture Race (see avatar). The Endomorph is enormously better in loose sand than a 26x3.0" Gazz, but on other kinds of terrain, is perhaps a little too big. It actually rolls better than a Gazz on flat roads (and in fact is only marginally slower than a Big Apple 29er), but on anything with a road crown or side slope, it’s totally awful, bordering on unrideable.

It will eat up loose stuff but I can’t imagine it performing better than a Gazz in typical MUni conditions.

Thoughts on Conundrum frame width??

Thanks for the thoughts on this. I’m kinda leaning toward not going with the endomorph tire, but it leaves me wondering if the Conumdrum frame has enough going for it as a frame to build it up with a 26 and Gazz or a 29er with my current Weirworlf tire. Do any of you think the extra width of the frame is consistently annoying or do you just . . . get used to it?

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If your thinking about going for a 26" or 29", go with a KH 29" frame. Its lighter, and isn’t as bulky at the crown as the Conundrum frame.

Heres a pic of what I did with the KH29 frame. I put a 26" Gazz wheelset into it, and it works great. The clearance is perfect with a gazz. Its slightly more than regular clearance, allowing for extra mud and snow to pass through.

I should start out by pointing out that I don’t actually have this setup, so you should probably treat my opinions with a pinch of salt.

I just wanted to respond to:

ISTR somebody mentioning an Endormorph / LM setup using this hub. It’s supposed to be a good cotterless hub so with a pair of decent cranks on it ought to be able to take a fair amount of abuse. If you’re doing lots of drops, or big drops, then it might not be up to the job. Otherwise, it should be a good choice.

In a recent Reviews thread, Roger Davies mentioned that he can do huge (> 3ft, IIRC) drops on his uni with this hub but points out that it’s not intended for this kind of use and that good technique plays a big part in not damaging the hub / cranks here. So, it’s strong, but I think a splined setup would be more suitable for many riders if serious robustness is required. I’ve not yet invested in a splined setup because I just don’t do anywhere near enough hopping / dropping to justify it.

My own experience: I’ve been very happy with my 29er muni based on this hub and some Bicycle Euro steel cranks. My offroad riding is basically cross-country, and I’ve hardly hopped it (and then just going up/down curbs, over drainage grates, etc). Everything is holding up fine and it saves both weight and cost over a splined setup.

Yes i noticed that roger wrote that up to his good tecnique, and not to him being small. :smiley: Why exactly do you want the large marge if you’re not riding rocky or doing drops? Except for cross-country on sand/snow I can’t see why you’d want the LM but without a splined hub, it’s deffinitely an unusual combination. My mate loosemoose runs the 26" LM with gazz 3", KH/Onza hub, DDG driver 170mm cranks. He got the GB IV frame so that he could fit the endomorph, but has never felt the urge to do so, not least because they cost more than car tyres over here.

That occurred to me too, although speaking as a small chap myself I feel confident that doing the same stunts he does would break both the unicycle and important parts of my anatomy!

I’d had the impression the LM improves the handling in any case since it changes the cross section of the tyre. But other muni rims are quite wide anyway; I’ve got no way to judge if the LM makes a significant handling difference on 3" tyres.

I’d think the XC on soft surfaces in probably the primary reason folks would want an LM with a cotterless hub. That seems sensible, but in that case you’d only be using the LM so that you could support the endomorph in the first place! :wink:

More generally it’s worth pointing out that the Endomorph is by most accounts a specialised tyre: on sand and snow I don’t know of anything that can touch it. But it’s not really the best option for riding distance, or light XC, or trialsy stuff (despite its big volume).

This is more or less information of gleaned from reading Endomorph related threads so feel free to regard it with some skepticism and the aforementioned condiment.

KH 29 to 26 x 3" conversion

Musaketman: I like your idea about using the KH 29 frame with a 26 x 3" wheel. Love the picture you posted. Say, where did you get those cool adaptors to relocate the Magura cylinders to the right place for a 26" rim?? Did you fabricate them yourself or are they abailable as a bolt-on item somewhere on line. How do they perform?? Any help appreciated.


PM’d ya

Oh, and they “perform” gr8:D

what are the specs of that uni?

KH29" frame
KH gel seat
KH traditional aluminum seat post
Profile wheelset with 175mm cranks
alex dx 32 rim(tomarrow Im puting a Large Marge in it)
Gazz 3.0 tire
Jimmy c. pedals
Odysey seat post clamp
Magura hydraulic brake

Great minds think alike! I just assembled my Hunter Muni as follows:

  • [B]29"[/B] Hunter Frame
  • Surly Large Marge Rim
  • 26 x 3.0 Gazzaladoddi Tire
  • UDC Extra-Wide Hub
  • 170mm Odyssey Black Widow Cranks
  • Odyssey Jim Ceilencki Pedals
  • Seat Rail Adapter
  • KH Fusion Freeride Saddle

The diameter of the Gazz tire is 28" which leaves about 1" - 1 1/2" of clearance between tire and frame.