Surly Conundrum ridden over live Bastards, video

That super-fatty 4" tire makes quick work of stairs, drops, curbs and the like, but we also tested it on real live Unicycle Bastards.

Um . . . maybe its worth saying that you shouldn’ try this one at home.

See the video at Youtube . . .

Anyone else ridden their Conundrum over anything really unusual or freaky?


Fantastic! I love the way they are wearing helmets when being ridden over. I guess it’s important to consider safety as an important factor!


I’m cracking up here!

Come on Terry the bar has been raised.

I laughed, I cried, I cringed! 2 thumbs up!

That was so funny.
Looks like it would make easy work of cracking a rib though.

Eeek! Haven’t you guys heard of the rolling hop? :astonished:

No I think it’s he’s rolling, hope he doesn’t break us! That did look rather painful but the helmets did a perfect job of protecting you this time :smiley:

The way those guys ride, obviously they do. Notice how two guys get a seat dropped on their heads in one of those attempts.

But what’s the Conundrum got to do with all this? I used to do that on my old 24 x 1.75 tire in the 80s. Usually not on purpose though.

Looks like we have a new segment for Jackass!

That was one of the most awesome possible things to do with a unicycle. Ride over stupid people.

But its a muni. No need to hop with a muni. ROll everything! =p

That was funny. That last “Oooaaahhhoooeeaaahhgggh” at the end made me laugh pretty hard.


Next up, ramps and double-decker buses.