Surly Conundrum and Alex dx32 rim

I’m wanting to install a 26" Alex DH rim in the 26" Conundrum frame. Anyone out there have any experience with this combination?

My concern is making the Magura brakes work.
Anyone found a production (or custom) Magura brake adaptor that will make the narrower Alex rim work with Magura brakes on the wide Conundrum frame.

See these adaptors I found. Are these enough offset?? Anyone tried these??


If you can afford it, get a Large Marge rim. That’s what’s it’s made for. You can still run a 3" tire.

Well, I did the same thing but opposit. I Have a large marge rim in a KH frame. So I had to make a little mount to go out…in your case its to go in, to meet the smaller rim. So it would be pretty easy to do. Just make a plate with 4 screw holes and one half goes in you frame, the other half is for you brake mounts to go.

(the KH frame is a 29" with a 26" wheel, that is why you see that black mount. But the part you focus on is the other steel piece making the mount go outward, you make the same thing, but go inward)

brake adaptors

Musketman: Thanks for the great pics. yes, I see what you have done there. . . . .You certianly have the mojo for moving brakes around to where you want them. BTW, thanks again for the help last month with my last related post on this, adapting brakes from 29er to 26" wheel.

Say, on your KH29/26 with LM rim - does the 3" Gazz tire clear the frame ok?? Any rubbing??

Yeah, in general it clears it alright, but if you have mud on the sidewalls it will rub. It will also rub if your wheel is out of true at all and your pedaling up a hill(putting force into it and moving rim slightly) or something like that. I wouldn’t recommend it for a KH frame, although it does work, and it doesn’t sound as bad as im saying, but it will rub every now and then depending on what your riding.

Next im going to get a Duro 3" or an IRC Kujo 3"