Surly Conundrum 26''

For Trade/Sell
Almost new Surly Conudrum 26’’:
Kris Holm Cranks (165mm)
Kris Holm Moment hub
Kris Holm Seat
Surly Large Marge 26’’ Rim
26’’ Hookworm tire and DH specific tube

I’m looking to sale it or trade it with an equal quality trials unicycle
I might consider trading frame/parts if the shipment cost is to high

I’m open for other offers as well (who said 36er ?) :slight_smile:

Can you confirm your location… are you in the USA?

Which part of Asia? I may have a 20" trials uni up for grabs. Does it come with a brake mount?

Oops …
I live in Israel.
I might visit the USA in July but I’m not sure yet (Seattle and LA)
The unicycle frame has mounts for brakes but I dont have brakes for it.

Hi Yinon, I’m interested.

How much are you looking at?