Surly Conundrum 24inch Muni (Gazzoladdi)

TIG-welded and brazed 4130 CroMoly designed to accommodate high-volume tires and Surly Large Marge rims

  • Brake Magura hydraulic rim type; brake bosses are spaced 120mm apart(center-to-center)for use with the Large Marge rim
  • Bearing clamps: investment cast CroMoly, M6 x 16mm stainless steel cap head machine screws
  • Seatpost clamp: 31.8mm Surly constrictor (included)
  • Tire: Nokian Gazzoladdi 24X3
  • Hub bearing spacing: 102-104.5mm, measured outside to outside
  • Rim: Large Marge 24 X 3
  • Rim strip: Rox SuperDutE rim tape
  • Hub: Profile
  • Saddle: KH Fusion Street
  • Pedals: Snafu 9/16 in black
  • Cycle Weight - 16 lbs

This is in Brand New Condition with a Nokian Gazzoladdi 24X3 and a Hookworm street tire.

I paid $1250.00 for this new at Unicycle.Com

I will pay shipping anywhere in the continental USA

Ebay only PayPal

Wow. These really only weigh 16lbs? I’m impressed! That’s only half a pound heavier than the aluminum KH 24.

What type of cranks are on it? What length?

And why are you selling? How much use has it seen?

It has Profile 170 cranks. (Bombproof I hear)

I have hardly rode it. I put the hookworm tire on it an maybe rode a total of 5 miles. The Gazz tire has less than 1 mile.

I went a litle overboard my wife says and bought several uni’s too many… :roll_eyes:

Midlife crisis she says :o

Its in great condition :smiley:

same goes for the 26" - they aren’t as heavy as everyone thinks. And they are a ton of fun. I leave my kh29 at home every time and take my conundrum with endomorph to the trail. It is so much fun off road - get one and you will understand what I am talking about.

The cranks are Profile 170.

The uni is hardly used. Maybe 5 miles on the hookworm tire and 1 mile on the Gazz.

My wife said to make some room too many uni’s.

She says I had a midlife crisis :smiley:

its just a shame that surly will never be making a 24" endomorph for it :frowning: oh and fyi surly has STOPPED making the cunumdrum so these unis are going to be rare once the rest are sold. as far as i know there are no 26" left or at least few and some 24" ones

alfred e bike has a 24 inch frame with a large marge rim for $132!

I just ordered.

Whoa. And $7.50 shipping. That’s just silly cheap. Perhaps a mistake? I wonder if it’ll actually ship.

actually, shipping is free. I confirmed it over the phone - it really does come with the large marge rim. I am considering ordering a few more for backups.

The Conundrum really is discontinued - so it may be our last chance

What’s the website? What’s the website? (I couldn’t find it on Alfred e bike)

right here dude

26 inch

I have one in 26 in and It fits a 29er wheel,so I use it for my cross country uni,its sick

also in champagne color

Just called Surly and AEBike to confirm it all, and both the good news and bad news are true.

Surly is done making Conundrums, for good. Only 24" models are left.

But AEBike does indeed have the 24" them for $132 with rim and free shipping!

Now to find a deal on a hub.

Finally, sorry to bprsnt for hijacking your thread!