Surly Conundrum 24" and 26"

Check this out:


Wooowee those are some fine looking munis. Gorgeous frames.

I’m liking the bike too!

my only question : will I get a 24" or a 26" ?
starting to save money :slight_smile: (in Euros)

Very nice frames! That’s the first time I’ve seen a unicycle frame with proper lugs rather than just cheap welds. Makes it look like a real frame instead of something derived from a child’s bmx :slight_smile:

Needs some lugs on the crown as well to complete the effect :wink:

so THAT’s what a bike looks like when you put MUni tires on it :smiley:

The unis are absolutely beautiful, I love the bearing holder design. Maybe these will be less expensive than a custom job from LiveWire (sorry U-turn, your unicycles are amazing but I don’t have the cash to buy one! :P), especially since until now I think that was the only way to get a large marge without building it up yourself.

I can’t wait to hear reports on how these ride :slight_smile:

Also, the Large Marges seem like since they’re such a wide rim, that they might be easier to bend? am I totally off the mark here? this is possible because I don’t know much about these things. Also, what kind of bounciness (from a trials perspective) would you be looking at with this kind of setup? I’m set to get a KH '05 soon, but if there isn’t much of a price differential with a Large Marge and a Duro or even an Endomorph, I’ll totally go that route.


Its almost the exact opposite, the wider the rim the stronger the overall rim will be (try getting a toilet roll tube, and slicing thin/thick width cardboard rings out of it… see which ones are stronger ;)). You will probably never taco a Large Marge rim, and the rims strength makes it exceptionally easy to spoke the wheel, since you just tighten all the spokes to the same tension and the rim will not bend out of shape.

The tyre will be nice and bouncy since there’s more air in there, but believe me when I say the Large Marge rims are way, way too heavy for normal trials use. Where I can probably do serious trials on my 20" for around an hour before needing a rest, I can’t do more than 3 minutes hopping on my 26" before I’m knackered. That said, my 26" eats north shore, and I find it excellent at low speeds. It handles like a 24" because of the stiffer wheel and longer cranks I’ve got.

Just to let you know, the current price difference between a 26" Large Marge & Endo and a 26" Alex DX32 & Gazz is $100… (Using Speedgoat prices)


Great news, Dave!

Wow, what a concept. Instead of inventing a new bearing size and making other people figure out how to deal with it, they’ve considered the customer and included all the shims you could ever need. Nice job, guys!

Surly makes a great frame. I ride a fixed gear Surly Steamroller. Couldn’t be happier with the ride quality!


I have only two questions.

  1. How much $$
  2. When can one be at my door?

Thanks very much, loosemoose. I guess I figured bigger rims would… fall apart or something. :thinking:

That does make quite a bit of sense though. If the rim is a lot heavier, I guess I’ll be sticking with the kh24. That’s nice and uncomplicated, too. Ordering it, that is! :slight_smile:

… you may now return to your regularly scheduled thread :smiley:

i want one!!!

WOW… I… just don’t know what to say… Is that a 3.7" TYRE?! I’m impressed but at the same time thinking it might just be overkill…

It DOES make a beast out of the uniycle though… man that thing looks like it could ride through hell and back again…

wow. that is one beautiful beast of a unicycle…
i love it…

Looks great Dave!

The bearing holders are really classy. Rivendell was talking about making a unicycle last year, using the lugs from their Glorious and Wilbury frames, but they haven’t made one yet.

I’ve had an Endomorph fitting GB4 frame all summer, just waiting for the tire to come out. I finally ordered my Endomorph this morning. I went with the lighter, blackwall tire. The 32 hole wheel you gave me still rocks… Thanks!!

Just one question… Where to I get the longer cross-over hose for my Magura brake? the one I have won’t even fit over a 3 inch tire with the wide frame.

Joe in Iowa

i think you should call your LBS, or maybe a few of them, and see if any do magura brake maintanence. My LBS does, but it turns out i didn’t need anything done. I’m sure they could cut and put on a longer cross-over hose for you. they might even have stainless steel lines to do that with!

I mailed them about that; they were going to do it as a 650B wheel size. I told them that would be a silly size to use for a unicycle, and that they should go for a 29er that would fit the Big Apple. But that would be practical, which isn’t Rivendell’s thing.

have a friend that was at the Las Plaguas Bike Expo…he has catalog with stats on the new Surly Uni frame…i’ll post it here soon if i can ever find this thread again (having a bitch of a time with this new format)

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… opps … sorry …

Has anyone called a dealer for a price yet …?
Plz PM me if you got a quote on one.

OMG!!! What kind of hub is in it, and what could u put in it? I’m kind of disapointed because i just got my KH 05. hehehe lol