Surly 24 x 4" Conundrum: As it was meant to be

What frame/s are you guys planning to fit the 24x4 tyres on?
I’m waiting for Jacob to officially announce the restart of his production.
Any custom builders in Europe?

As far as I know, the only frames that will fit a 24x4 or a 26x4 are the conundrum (no longer made). The oregon (needs a special hub), the Triton (expensive), or a custom build. : P not ideal to be sure. . .

When is a wide Nimbus muni coming out at a reasonable price? Seems like this would be a hot seller.

Yeah, right… I knew that.
I was just curious if the other builders already had a project in mind.

FWIW, I’m using a choppersus rim on my 26" mega fat build. Consensus on mtbr seemed to point to these being weinmann rims and very strong (but heavy).

Trials rims can generally be had in 50mm widths (rears), but they often have holes so that makes tubeless a little more challenging.

The Nimbus rim works okay, but split tube or full width tape is necessary for a good seal.

The Vee Rubber Mission is not great for muni, it has a lot of autosteer, so don’t get frustrated if that happens.

The Specialized tires with the wire bead can be had cheap, but they’re heavy and may not go up tubless, but for a budget build they are good.

Sadly there are few good 24" frames for a fat tire. An Oregon frame could be cold bent to accommodate a 100mm spindle, but the frame would still be very tall.

Maybe Nimbus will get into the game :slight_smile:

Have you heard any rumours?

Got the tire in the mail. It is a wire bead tire but the casing doesn’t feel stiff and it doesn’t feel like a brick (like a Devist8or).

Size is given for 24x4.0 (102-507) but I have no way to mount and measure it (it will have to wait a while that visit my friend and his 24 farm).

On the weight side, it seems to be around 1300g (it is a tricky game to keep a tire static on a kitchen scale just for a pic :smiley: ).

Took my first big ride, kinda took a big bite and rode a steep technical downhill, had some struggles with autosteer, at which point I recognized that this tire does have some chevron to the pattern.

I also had considerable sealant leakage at low pressures, so I’ll probably need to use a split tube to go tubeless or I can just run a tube…

I might look into getting a 120tpi Ground Control if I can find one for a fair price.

It’s a fun size, similar diameter to a standard 26" wheel, but nice and cushy.

Nice. I had one of those frame years ago with a 3 in it.

Don’t know if people have come across these rims. 24" very wide 80-100mm, but I have no idea as the their suitability for unicycling.

Also, does anyone know if the Triton Triple can take one of the newly available 24x4" tyres - On One for instance, running on a Surly LM 65mm rim?


Those are weinmann rims. Heavy but durable and plenty good enough for unicycling.

DHL series rims are from Weinmann China:

They had a lot of part numbers for wide rims listed on their website that hadn’t shown up any place where we could actually order them. It looks like they’re starting to. Good find.

Present-day Weinmann seems to be a low-end supplier but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t work, even if they don’t bring cred points like Surly and Velocity would. Most of them have 36 spoke holes too and that’s a big plus.

Edit: Didn’t see Killian’s reply at the top of this page. Yeah, what he said.

So some one interested in building a fatty is currently sol?

Except for custom builds, the Oregon frame is currently the best/only option (that I’m aware of) for new fat tire unis.

Unfortunately. I tried to order an Oregon frame a month or so ago. UDC mentioned they were doing some re-designing of the frame which should be out this fall… don’t know if that has changed. They still have the full unicycle in stock, but I had enough parts I didn’t want to do that. Fortunately Bri gave up her 26" conundrum. I would keep an eye out on the forums… but … yes.

Good to hear, as I’ve seen so many broken oregon frames …

I was waiting for more thoughts on the 24x4.
Ben, give us some more pics and stories!

Is the 24x4 still spinning? More thoughts on it?

I use a Tripple with LargeMarge and Nate3.8 26". There is verry little air left between the tyre and the frame. When the frame starts flexing the Nate touches the frame slightly.
Thats no problem while riding on low to mid pressure, but when going on high pressure (2.1bar) its like having a brake on.

As for the Tripple is narrowing(<-is there a word like that?) downwards I don’t think the Trippl can take a 24x4".

The Triton Triple frame is (was?) sold as compatible with the 3 wheel sizes with Magura mounts: 24, 26 & 29. That is true that it cannot fit a 29x3.0 (stops at 2.5) but I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to fit a 24x4.0.

That is worth a try when my best friend will visit me with his Surly Conundrum 24 :wink: