Surly 24" and 26" Large Marge rims


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Like new, no holes, less than 100 miles.

This russian website has a good range of rims (I think) for very affordable prices. Your only issue here is getting it shipped.

I have bought the 24" fat bike rim from them before

They also have 120 TPI Chaoyang 24" tyres which at the time were almost impossible to get anywhere.

Last summer you posted this wheel combo under the Surly 24x4" thread “

Does the 80mm wide rim flatten out the tire too much to cause turning issues?

I haven’t actually ridden it to be honest. I misplaced my cranks at the time and had a 26 conundrum also so never rode the 24. I will try and put it together and have a try to let you know, though I am not a big fat tyre rider so I may not be able to gauge good or bad turning.

it’s very dependent on tire pressure (hard to measure at lower pressures unfortunately), tire selection, and terrain. You’ll be able to tell if it’s not great. You’ll try to turn and it’ll go in a straight line (I call that “straight-suck”) other times it can grab a slope and try and go its own way. It just feels unpredictable. I run a 4" nate on a 65mm rim and there’s nearly none of that unless I drop the pressure really low and I’m on hardpack. I used to ride a larry and it was awful. A big factor seems to be how much rubber is actually touching the surface (less is better, so big knobbed tires seem to do better in my experience, but are buzzy on hardpack). If you drop the pressure too low, the tire will deform and fold, causing unintended tracking.

… anyway, I think the point of all that is that you’ll probably be able to tell if it’s good or bad, even if you don’t ride those wheels a lot. : ) a 1 or 2 psi change can make a huge difference too.

I was thinking that 65mm was the way to go, but without really trying it out first hand it’s all guess work.
I wish I could have tried your Nate last summer but I was too gassed from the trail, plus I don’t know if we could have raised the seat enough for me.

29-30" just seem like too much for some of the climbs. If they made a 26x3.25 that was 27-28" I think that would fit me.
A 24x4 that is 26.7" is what I’ve been leaning to. I just hope it’s not too small.

Strange… The nightrider on my 32 buzzes a bit when I am torquing on it.

by buzz, I mean more of a rumble rather than an audible sound. The nightrider is very smooth compared to the nate. Certainly not as smooth as something like a big apple though. A 24x4 is by no means small. I like the larger wheels, but that still gets you the diameter of a normal 26er at higher pressures. You can always run 138 cranks, but I guess you get into the same issue with the hills. I ride 138s on my 24x3 (duro tire) and I like that feel. I think you’ll sacrifice a little roll-over, but the big tire should make up for that. . . also, it’s easier to get a hold of a used surly 24 frame. : P

If you’re looking for an all-rounder, those 3" sizes in the 26 and 27.5 are really versitile. You get most of the benefit of the extra loft without the weight of the bigger tire. The full 4"+ tires simply steamroll over most obstacles. It’s good and bad. It can certainly get you into some bad habits when you go back to a 2.4" tire.