Surly 24" and 26" Large Marge rims

I am after Surly 24" and 26" Large Marge DH 36H rims.

I’m looking for the DH version, not the XC. The DH comes without the CNC’d holes in the backside.

Thought that may be the case. I haven’t seen a lot of them around. I posted a while back looking for a 26" large marge at a few different forums and got nowhere with it. Hopefully you can find something. They’re getting so scarce now that it’s cheaper just to buy the new stuff. I found a marge lite from a bicycle yard sale for $70… we’ll see how much abuse it can take. : )

Look what I found!

I think it’s a 24" wheel. A 30H and a 32H. I’m not sure how a centered 32H rim would hold up in unicycling. But if I win the 32H rim, I’ll sell my 36H one!

It will hold up like your current 36H centered: strongly :wink:

ebay listing

Hey, just so you guys know…the buyer wasn’t 100% positive that these were 26" rims, so I contacted Surly and gave them the measurements. The Surly guy just happened to have a 26" large marge rim at his desk, so he measured it and it came out to about 22", which is consistent with this eBay listing. The seller said that he would be willing to ship just the 32H 26" rim, but message him first…and you’d have to win the bid. So far it’s just under $2. :slight_smile:

Good luck! here’s your chance for a 26" large marge!




Another ebay listing

Surly large marge fat bike wheelset

I’d be willing to let go of mine, it is a 26" 36 hole. It is in a wheelset now, I’d sell for $135 for just the rim+spokes or $185 for the whole wheel (laced to a older KH hub). You pay shipping. PM if you’re interested.

bump, still looking

How much are you looking to pay for the rim?

I’m after new rims, would pay msrp.


I’m still after new Large Marge rims, 24" and 26", centered, 36H, DH

Is there any reason you wouldn’t use the 2.5" rims from I need a 26"x65mm 36H rim for an upcoming project and if I can’t find a 36H Large Marge by the time the other parts are ready I’m planning to use one of those.

24" Large Marge Rims available.

This post is old but I understand that Surly has discontinued the DH 24" Large Marge Rims. I have several available if anyone is in need.

Xc with the holes drilled on the inner wall, or dh without the holes drilled on the inner wall? New, used? If used how many miles?

Joe, I sent you a PM, thanks.