Surgery: The "Viscount Procedure"

By making the Reeder handle gizmo for my new Velo saddle the first rail adapter I made for it was just laying around with nothing to do. I have a Viscount saddle so I decided to put the Velo rail adapter on the Viscount … just to see how it would fit. It fit fine but I went overboard when tightening the nuts and twisted off one of the 1/4" screws.

To replace the broken screw its necessary to get inside the saddle … surgery was required. While the Viscount was in pieces I thought I’d try to transplant a Kinport handle to it. I’ve added another gallery to my Velo saddle stuff. I you’re interested there’s pictures of the “Viscount Procedure” located here:

After trimming, cutting, breaking, glueing, sweating and swearing I replaced the broken screw, drilled the base, installed the Kinport handle and got it all put back together. The patient lived! I haven’t ridden it yet but I know what it’s like to ride a Viscount. I’ll probably install it on my 29er to give it a try.

Steve Howard

how are those wing nuts workin for ya?

Good stuff, Steve, and great pictures. I’ll need to do some Viscount surgery soon. Thanks.