Surfing with unicyle

the Selles-Timbanques Nicolas and Jérémy POTIER have try Surfing with a unicycle. it’s the first test, second test comming soon.


blog selles-Timbanques:D


Haha that was awesome, some good attempts there, good luck with test 2.

hmmm this gives me an idea, you will have to wait to see :sunglasses:

I tried hopping onto, and riding on top of my electric skateboard, but couldn’t quite get it. Basically you need to do a still-stand or little micro hops to stay on the moving skateboard, and the flexing of the board from any hopping at all makes it extremely difficult. But I have never seen anybody else even try this, so it may be a first-at least attempting it. Someone with good coasting skills would have the best chance at staying on the longest I reckon! :slight_smile:

I think you have just killed your uni… In an awesome way! That is crazy! :astonished:

killed the uni?
the pedals of a unicycle could easily go all the way through a surfboard, this is a dumb idea.

the salt water would kill the unicycle. unless they got all the salt water washed off and out then re-greased everything that had grease on it before the salt water could seriously speed up the rusting process of any exposed metal, and seize up the bearings.

pffft frontflips, you are the ones pushing the sport, soon all surfers will be doing it on a uni.

In theory that might be true, but I rode my kh25 into the ocean ahwhile ago and it is still fine.

might be because the KH25 doesn’t exist Mornish haha

What a crazy idea! Hopping wont work, and you could only still stand so long. But I think idling might work. And be sure to roll to the front of the board and do a seat drop :slight_smile:

Salt water isn’t great, but there aren’t that many moving parts. Give it a shower, if there is one at the beach. Keep riding it alot or it’ll stiffen up.

Painless UPDs?

hahaha that was awesome :smiley:

Thats pretty cool and will be even cooler when you land it.

LOL that was funny… nice one :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! If you could really do it, it would be even more awesome!

Keep trying, but I don’t think it will ever work well, maybe if you use a different shaped board.

I made a joke about this to my parents a few weeks ago. I never thought anyone would try it.

A longboard would be much more stable… people can do headstands, handstands, etc. on longboards… find a 3m board or longer and try again!


tru dat, get a wide one too

and don’t cry when you ruin it.


…and use some plastic pedals so you don’t damage the board as much (find a old used LB).

it actually wouldn’t make TOO much of a difference… the pedal as an object going INTO the surfboard is what i’m worried about, and so long as it holds its shape it will go into it.

plastic pedals WOULD help prevent small dings