surfing on a 36 inch unicycle to th pub...

you’ve gotta get that
proficency fly in each day

on a big flywheel
doesnt mean it has t be boring

truth is
i push th edge moar in profiency flying

than in public
dont we all ?

bt i punt 36 inch wheels thru sidewalk cafes at speed and
the man is pretty cool with me after 14 yrs of doin it

specially after midnight
brisvegas is amazing

the land surfer…

love ya hard


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Soft Cell
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Yay, another unicycle poetry thread! :slight_smile:

But how did it go riding home from the pub? That’s what I’m wondering about.

mostly excellent…

mostly excellent
think i ws on my fourth when i took off

usually carry a sixpack over th shoulder
th unicycle still rides over th water culverts though

twists heads…