Surfers Paradise trials demo - 2min movie...

I was involved in another trials demo today (had one last week for the same event - a bike race). It was great fun, but ridiculously hot. I love being in this demo team!

We had two cars and two A-frames made of pallets to play on.

I’ve made a little video of the day’s riding including the demo and post-demo trial ride. There are a couple of nice stacks in there (both bike and uni) and some lines that I found interesting and really fun. I’ve made two versions of the video…

The videos are currently uploading and will be done in about 10-15 minutes. For now here are some frames from the video. The last line (in the video, not the pictures) was my favourite.


Did that dude put his leg through the car’s windshield? Cool Vid.

Here they are…

He sure did! (no injury though lucky).

Sorry, I meant to attach a pic…

Also, here are the videos:
Surfers Paradise Demo - Low Res (1.9MB, 2min)
Surfers Paradise Demo - High Res (12.7MB, 2min)




great demo. that second place looks incredible. a trials rider’s dream.

thats some sick $#i+ !!! very inspiring.

Nice stuff! once again you make me jealous.

Btw, did you get to gap between the two cars?

that was freaking sweet the last one was amazing :smiley:

Thanks guys, yeah the trials spot in the second half was good fun. Unfortunately I didn’t try the roof to roof gap this demo. It was about 1.6-1.7m or so, so do-able even with the suspension sucking up the hop a bit I think.

The last clip was my favourite too. :slight_smile:


VERY awesome Andrew! As always awesome riding…and it looks like a good way to attract some of the attractive young bikini-clad ozzy chicks :wink: