Supposed to be a Call Out video!

Here’s my latest video, Trials stuff only. The edit is really really bad but I only care about my riding :stuck_out_tongue: It was supposed to be a Call Out to Alister Burt, but he didn’t had the time to get any good stuff since it’s getting darker and he has alot of homework and stuff.

Comment please! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I dont know how to put the video directly on the forum…

nice vid :slight_smile:
really nice trial lines :roll_eyes:

but try to eliminate has much correction hops as possible… because now there were quit much :stuck_out_tongue: or cut the vid a shorter, so we won’t see al the hops before the line starts :wink:

Awesome video Jakob, I like how it wasn’t all prehops just static.

I wish Alister made a video too. :roll_eyes:

Awesome! It’s great to see some trials, especially when it’s this amazing!

Thanks Tim, I eliminated the correction hops on all the easy lines… But there was not much easy lines in this video for me! Doing lines with only the needed hop is amazing, it feels so cool! :smiley:

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

nice vid and lines!

Great vid Jacob. I’m not a massive Trials fan but I throughly enjoyed watching your video.

I’d say the same but not because it spoilt the video or because it was really obvious, just because I feel giving constructive criticism will make you better, that’s got to be one of the reasons you post, right?

If Ali doesn’t respond to this, I’ll be personally insulted.

Keep up the good work, look forward to your next vid.


really nice vid

Not to be a jerk, but I feel you could have done more with your lines with a 110cm sidehop.

You should definitely try and sidehop the rail at 2:00 and ride it out, seems like a great height. Looks like you can work your way up height wise too.

You’ve got some good static hops too. Can’t wait to see you at unicon!

You’re not being a jerk, I agree with you for some lines in there. About that rail though, I did sidehop on it during a few rides, but that time the garage doors were open and there were cars comming out (not on this clip though but the one before there was like 3 cars) and I dont know why, but they all go out by the door on my side.

Thanks for the comments, I’ll be posting another video with the leftovers soon, I actually find the other video better than this one. :stuck_out_tongue: