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My name is Ivan and I live in Cyprus. It’s a small sunny island in the Mediterranean, the Southern part of which is inhabited by Greek Cypriots, immigrants of various origins(British, Russian and Philippine predominant), many different come-and-go tourists and me. All in all, the population is at about 700 thousand people. From all that lot, I seem to be the only one who rides a unicycle. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

I got the bug of unicycling from a visiting Israeli circus troop, which our theatre had a workshop with and who had a unicycle. They had a unicycle and I had a go on the unicycle. It felt good. I couldn’t ride it, but it felt good nevertheless. I looked unicycling up on the internet, downloaded some videos(notably, Universe II trailer and “How to Hop Quite High” by Ryan Atkins) and understood that this is it. All I needed was a unicycle. About a year later I managed to come up with the money and bought myself a 24" splined qu-ax, which I’m still riding, although quite heavily modified. I knew what sort of riding I wanted to do before getting the uni and got the uni needed for it(maybe not the right size, some would say, but I call it art by misadventure). This is how I ended up without a learner uni. Which is okay, only now when people want to learn I’ve got nothing to offer to them, except for a 24" qu-ax with pinned metal pedals and a high seat-post.

And I’ve had quite a few people that wanted to learn. This girl, who’s a neighbour of mine always wants to have a go on my uni when she sees it. She can ride about 10 metres on a good day, but she’d be much better if she had a unicycle to practice on in her own time. Some random kids and friends who also get interested enough to try, but not interested enough to buy one. Oh well, never mind them. My decision to get a learner uni was caused by my girlfriend saying that she’s gonna buy a unicycle to learn on(my saddle is too high for her), but after Christmas(she can’t afford one right now). She said she really wants to learn. That’s great, isn’t it? But Christmas… It’s too far away… How about now?

I can’t afford to buy a uni either, so I’m turning to you for help. Has anyone got a working learner uni they feel like parting with? Someone in Europe, preferably, shipping from other places would probably cost an arm and a leg. I’ll pay the shipping. In return, the person who donates the unicycle will receive a big warm Cyprus thanks, an honourary place in Cyprus history of unicycling textbook(to be published) and a “special thanks to” in the credits of all my coming videos.

Thank you to whoever is reading this, hope you understand.

Catch you on the flip side,

Shorter Version

My girlfriend needs a learner uni, because she wants to learn to ride. None of us can afford one right now, so I’m looking for alternatives. If you’ve got one spare, please send it over and I’ll pay the shipping.

We’ll be ever-so-grateful. :slight_smile:

Oh, and to those who don’t realise, I’m a guy, contrary to what my avatar may lead you to believe. Not that it matters…

I have had the same problem here in my town i am the only one and i have had a couple of girls that what to learn but either dont have the time money right now or don’t know if they actually want to buy a unicycle. and all i have is my lx
good luck hope someone has a spare.

Yeah I would give you mine but I live in the US. Sorry

I’d send mine over, but it’s in pitiful condition. Like, broken.

Does hazmat use his LX anymore? Maybe he can send it over.

Wait, what?

You’re a guy??


I’ll be in Istanbul over the Winter (Dec-March); while it might be a pain, I could bring a 20 or 24" cycle, broken down, in my luggage. I anticipate being in Athens for a few days, too. Here’s the deal: you have to start a Greek/Turk unicycling club; teach some Turks, teach some Greeks. Peace through cycling, etc. If you’ll make the effort, I’ll make the effort. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll see if I can make it happen.


Hey! I’m a guy, too. Cool.

Who’s got the one-piece-bathing-suit-picture to counter with?

The shipping would probably cost more than buying a new unicycle off MDC.

Sorry, man… We need a uni now. And I don’t know very many Turks. And doubt that a unicycle club would raise that much interest among the Greeks.

I’m already making the effort by riding my uni every day.

It sounds like a cool idea in theory, but there are just too many obstacles. All I want to do right now is teach this one person how to ride. Then see what happens from there.

Edit: maybe in the future…

Harper: yes, we’ve all seen it.

i teach everyone on my old cx… its got a bent frame from when i used it as a trials uni but i straightened it out enough that people can learn on it. I live in the us and its 5 years old so its not worth the shipping but you could prolly find a cx online for pretty cheap. They dont have the best rep but they are good learners because the easy adjusting seat and the fact that they can take a real beating. Gl with the teaching and your uni delema.

Can’t she just ride your uni?

Are your heights so different that if you cut the seat-post as short as practical for you that she would still not be able to ride with the seat lowered as far as it will go?

If that will not work maybe consider getting a second seat and post with a shorter stem. On my trials I have a fairly long post but if someone really short warts to give it a try i just go to my truck, gab the seat with shorter post and voila a shorter unicycle.

I wish you luck and some future happy rides off into the sunset.

Hope to see you soon!

Hi Ivan!

I know that I have been saying this before but I am working on Itai and trying to convince him to fly over so that we can MUni together. I am not promising anything but If he says yes then we are over! I can but a learner uni here for about $100US I know that that is not cheap but if we do fly over I would be happy to bring one for you if you can’t get it cheaper from any other place.

All the best my friend!


Yes, I could lower my seat. The problem is, I’d either have to change the seat height all the time(with the double-bolt clamp, annoying) or face lower back and knee problems again.

And thank you for the sunset. It will happen, my friend.

Adam: thanks for the offer, I can get this uni off MDC for slightly more. So, don’t bother. But thanks for the offer. Still waiting for you. Tell Itai I miss his curly hair.

I’d give you my very 1st project unicycle if i were in Cyprus. But what bites is that i’m not. :frowning:


There’s a possibility I may be able to help you out Mr Ivan.

I’ll have to talk about it with Pete but I’ll let you know.

We recently bought a few new unicycles for the juggling club but had a bit of a run in with the lady from the council who we liaise with. She no longer wants us uniocycling in the senior citizens hall so we may have a surplus cheap-o learner jobbie.

If that fails I have an old DM but it’s a bit bent and in Brighton which is a few hundred miles away.

Cheerio, Dr. Kit! You’re most excellent!