About a week after I released my final goodbye video I got a comment on youtube from some guys that live in Temecula. Every since we’ve met up we’ve ridden almost every other day this summer. This is the compilation of the footage we’ve filmed. They helped me realized that I wasn’t sick of unicycling I was sick of riding alone. That’s why I called this video SUPPORT.
I hope you enjoy.

For those of you who do 3d animation the couple of music clips were done in blender and then composited in final cut pro.

Sorry guys youtube took it down because music copyright. I’ll try uploading it to vimeo but right now the file size is 1gb and vimeo only lets you upload 500mb at a time.

that’s too bad…:frowning:

DUDE!!! That’s such an awesome story. I can’t wait to see the vid.

can’t wait to see this video!

I finally got it up, it doesn’t have the best quality but its up. Thanks for taking interest in our video. Sorry for the wait.

Awesome, Glad to see unicycles can bring people together.
Loved the video too, Great editing.

awesome vid, keep it up ! :wink:

Man, that video was so cool. Your riding is really good but the editing was even better. The part from 1:52 to 2:00 gave me the creeps, so cool. And the clip at 4:25 was not only a good idea but also nice that you both rode the whole line.

Keep it up.

argh this video makes me want to ride so much :frowning: :angry:

Wuw! Impressive. Glad youo found your new buddies, so I could have the pleasure of seeing this awesome video, and so you suddenly would have fun riding again… :slight_smile:

Then RIDE! Why all those negative smileys? …Oh… Do you by any chance have an injury that is preventing you riding? If so, sorry. :(:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice video bor! I wish I had a good group of unicyclist to ride with!

Thanks alot guys.

I’m so glad I found some people to ride with, they’ve pushed me so much and now I’m actually starting to progress again. Unfortunately, tomorrow I’m moving 13 hours away to go to college. But expect a video from us when I come back for christmas break. Josh is gonna start building a crazy trials course at his house and I can’t wait to hit it when I come back.

the intro was awesome