SuperUNI shirts PREORDER!

ill get 1 if i can get it like with out writing

well, I don’t know if i CAN get one without writing…
i’m not sure.
i’ll have to check and get back to you on that.

U need to be able to be riding down the road and rip off your overshirt and become
(dun dun dun duuuun!!)


i was thinking that’d be better too…
so… you wanna preorder one?

I might…
I’ll have to think about it, but I would prefer that one over the UPD shirt

BAKE THAT IN A PIE AND EAT IT, CATBOY! :smiley: :smiley: oops… sorry… i got excited. no offense, catboy… your sage advice is much appreciated.

due to constant prodding from certain people… i’ve bumped this thread back to life.

i need 25 preorders to start, PM me for details.
as i said earlier, you send checks, i give checks back if for some reason i don’t get enough preorders. Money order works too. Paypal may be available later, but as of now it is not an option.

aproved by ben unruh

cmon guys, there supper friggin cool, pre order so i can get mine

Ok guys, i have 7 total preorders!
only 18 more!

you could always use if you don’t get enough preorders.

I was thinking cafepress… zazzle doesn’t have the color i want.

maybe i should go for cafepress…

wait… scratch that.
zazzle has a navy blue.
and they make the size i want.
People, superuni shirts are soon to be for sale off of!