SuperUNI shirts PREORDER!

:smiley: :smiley: Howdy howdy hey! I got my quote back from the printers, and i have available now, for the first time ever… PRE ORDERS FOR THE SUPERUNI SHIRT AVAILABLE!!!:smiley: :smiley:

these are 100% cotton Beefy-T’s, heavy cotton t-shirts, with e39m5’s SuperUni design on the front, with the word “SuperUni” underneath.

these will be 15 USD ($15 US) plus shipping. (~$4US inside USA, Unknown for international…)
Please put in your preorders, i need 25 to continue with the process.


(P.S, i don’t need 25 different people, just 25 shirts to be “pre-sold”…)

What color shirt is it printed on? white? blue? navy?


check out this thread for pics… the one posted by e39m5 is the one i’m using.

the shirt will be a darker blue than in e39m5’s picture.

oh, also… PM me any questions you may have.

when you actually get one of the shirts made - post it on here i wanna see what it looks like on an actual shirt first.

i need 25 shirt pre-sold before i can actually ship them out and get them made.

I dout anyone will order one unless they can see a real sample.

Catboy is back!! :astonished:

but seriously. i can’t obtain a sample unless people buy first. i need ppl to send the checks, and then when i obtain enough orders, i can send out the shirts. If for some reason i don’t get enough orders, i send you back your checks and we’re all cool.

i have an idea now of what the shirt will look like.
the color is a bit off around the pic, but it still looks pretty good.

eh… why not jsut the same color all around ?

i just said that. the blue square around the superuni logo is not going to be there.

i buy one
but you already knew that

hahaha ok then sounds good Ima probly get one… IM FRENCH HOE



better shirt pic,
would one rather have the logo on the front or the back of the shirt?

Or you could just burn them? That would be more fun.

i will take 1 where and how do i send the money. also can u get rid of the super uni thing. I realy want a unicycle shirts i can wear out side of convensions. and no one grasps the ocncept of a uni they gut get the word unicycle. my do the muni shirt, and my upd shirts i cant wear, make one we can.

yeah. i could. that’s probably a good idea.

I got an idea for your shirt…
What if you use the Superman logo as a body sitting on a uni