It is so funny that Darren and us have had the same idea about the big tyred unicycles.

whos that on the uni?
nice wheel, i think you stole it from a Nova

daaaaaaaaaaang, that’s really big, how wide is that?

I told Leigh her tyre was old and had lost it’s grip so she should get a new one but that is just over kill :smiley:

Will you be taking it to Sheffield? (The unicycle that is)

Alan Lieffring of Al’s Unicycle Club had one of those that he put together at the Atlanta Unicycle Club meeting on Sunday. I rode it for about 5 or 10 minutes. Let’s just say they have a mind of their own when it comes to riding a straight line. It will just randomly starting pulling you one way or another. But man do they look cool. Al has a bunch of Home made uni-esque contraptions that he brings to the meetings. Always makes for a good time.

I like the thumb holes in the sweatshirt.
Don’t need gloves with that idea :smiley:

Large bottom pants ALWAYS get caught in my petals/cranks thou :frowning: