Supermen-Uneed Films- Riley/Brill

Sup guys and gals?

Couple days ago I said I was gonna try to make more vids… keeping my word. Here we go…

Supermen - YouTube

Short one. This footage is of Will Riley, and Eli Brill, from almost two years ago. whoooa, sorry for dropping the ball on that. Stuffs been weird and hectic, and I recently realized it just gets more hectic and even weirder… so why waist time with nonsense when there are unicycles that need some riding.

Sorry for any sketchy video quality, its been too long since an edit, and my workflow, as well as compression settings, have been long lost.


Nice riding! Even though it’s quite old!

Nice said Sam!

Hey, nice video, Sam! I was wondering if this means you’ll start updating the Unicycle Lab again? I loved that website.