Supermans ?

Hey how do you do a superman without hurting your balls ? I can do small supermans by kicking out to the side but if i kick back i am lying on my nuts !

You have balls :thinking: what the hells going on there?

very useful reply mark:D

im going to sig that one lol
arnt you meant to do supermans on your stomach not your balls :thinking:

Your center of gravity should be on top of the seat post. That’s usually the belly button, but it differs. Find your own center

yeah but if your own center of gravity is your balls then i would just give up right now :stuck_out_tongue:

True that :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. Use your stomach and NOT your balls.

yeah i realise that you dont do it on your balls.But do you slide yourself backwards so that your belly button is on the seat or just start from sif and get in the right position

start sif its safer :smiley:

People have done it without SIF before? :thinking:

I do em sitting on the seat. What I do is i adjust my sack so that it’s kind of on the side. It sometimes hurts a bit, but a lot less.
(this is why I HATE practicing hand wheel walk)

yeah ive seen loads of people doing them from riding si.Brian Lundgren does one from si riding in defect

fine start SI but you stand a bigger chance of wrecking your bals.

yeah, i agree you should start sif and not mess up your nuts

Wear a box? (I hope this isn’t too pornographic for you, but just in case you don’t know what I mean…)

or the type used for cricket…

My eyes just started bleeding.

haha, did you take that picture jamessd? In the USA we call that an Athletic Supporter or a “Jock”

I most certainly did not!

I though it’d be called something different, so that’s why I provided these graphic images.:smiley:

you could use an ice hokey one?
i used to have one but ive grown out of it :smiley:

Are u doing Superman seat out or do u do it with the seat in?