superman seat grab

for anyone who cares joe pulled the first ever superman seat grab at buc this year, when we went down to the beach, im sure he’ll post the photo soon…

What’s a Superman seat grab?

cant wait for pics

can’t be done!

(read your conventionspeak dictionary)

Anyone? What’s a superman seat grab?

i suppose it’s a seat grab analog to the superman of bmx

J.P. its just when you’re in the air, you sorta fall off and grab the seat and put your legs out horizontally behind you, like superman, then get back on the seat. It would be impressive if he did it, and I’m waiting to see pictures.


WHOA that would be awesome… You’d need a ton of airtime, though.

And if it’s just a picture, that’s probably not enough proof.

Here’s a BMX version…note HIS airtime!


Yes, at BUC I did the first Superman seat grab…
putting the image in the post didnt seem to work, so here is the link

Good to meet you North. I didnt say bye, as the last time I saw you, you were asleep after coming back from the pub…


Cool! So was that on the uni, jump off and back on?

Joe, did you get into the Superman position from riding? If so that is truely impressive. If not then you’ve done a Swedish flying jump mount.

ok, so i admit it! :frowning: (sorry North!)

If i said I rode into it, i would be lieing. If I said i landed it, I would also be lieing (I landed in the sand on my face)…

never the less, it does look cool. I think the camera angle could be better, and also my legs could have been straighter…

Next time I will try and do it better :slight_smile: