supergo nylon 8 panel shorts

8 panel shorts

i like these shorts.
they’re my first pair of bike shorts and they seem to do their job well.

i’m comparing their performance to the only other riding experience that i’ve had: boxers and basketball shorts. it’s really worth the money.

i’m not sure how these would stack up against some of the more expensive/bigger brand name pairs. in any case, the padding is entirely useful. before, i noticed that my butt was really sore after riding only a short while. now, i go on 2.5 hour rides and don’t feel any discomfort. the only thing that limits my time in the saddle, and i doubt anything can be done about it, is crotch numbness.

at first i found the elastic at the end of the leg to be a little irritating; but after a while, it ceases to bother.

the material really wicks away the moisture, and keeps you pretty cool. since i’m a pretty proficient sweat-er, and unicycling is a pretty sweat-ful sport, i need my moisture wicked(?).

basic message, they do the job they’re meant to do. i’m kind of sad they don’t make me balance any better, but they were never meant to do that.