Super Wrap Competition

Ok so I hate to be one of those people that does an online competition…but yeah. Ima do it. Super Wrap is the trick. You know the rundown, same rules as the other trick comps.

  1. Can’t have landed it before.
  2. Must be on film, online.
  3. Must be the actuall trick…not like “ehhhh it counts right?” No…real. Not necesarily clean, but unmistakable.

whats a super wrap?

Someone asked what is a “super wrap”, but then deleted the question. Here’s what I found:

What is up with this thread

There have been two replies… one from I don’t remember who asking what a wrap was … and then one from Muniaddict that I didn’t get to read. I don’t see either.


Im in. When you gonna try and start it?

im in. whats a super wrap

Leg wrap-seat wrap-leg warp(with other leg) all at once.

First leg goes around one and half times into the seat wrap and as the second leg is coming back around at the end of the seat wrap it also does a leg wrap… Correct? Someone might have a better way to discribe it.

I’m in, depending on what the exact definition of the trick because I may have already done it before. Do you mean the double thing that Dan does in Defect, the first clip or the second one?

Also depending on how much it hurts my back…

im in then

edit:i posted and then deleted my post, anyone have a video of a superwrap?

I’m gonna give it at try, I haven’t been to successful with these types of tricks before but i’m going to go out now and see where im at.

Can someone post a video of one please?

go watch defect, its in dan heatons part about 4 and a half minute into the movie

I might be in seeing I just landed a Seatwrap…I know its more than a seatwrap…

I found a super wrap vid. Even though I suck at leg arounds/wraps/etc I’m in.


someone go design a cool logo thing for it. :slight_smile:

hokay, howbout black and purple or black and pink for the colors…or black and blue

I’m in.

alright glad to see most of you have figured out what it is…it’s a wierd trick to explain, and not many people know it.
anyway, i’m starting tommorrow. my advice to you cats is to land a single wrap with each leg first.

well…sort of, but more like one wrap, then seat behind, then leg around…
sheesh this is tough to explain with words.

good luck


His spokes are noisy. Everyone should know what super wraps are I mean come on.

Jokes brusses.

Im most certainly not in :sunglasses:

not in too… i suck at this kind of tricks