Super Trick Cycle levels

Super trick cycles are a lot of fun. A few weekends ago I had a go on two of them in Auckland- thanks to Tony Melton and his Mountain unicycle weekend, and also thanks to the guy who made the STCs (I’m useless with names). I would love to get one for myself, and I am surprised that there aren’t more unicyclists using them. The number of tricks possible on the STC increases greatly by using a unicycle for the front wheel as well as the back. We witnessed numerous tricks including a one footed nose wheelie face first into a wooden structure. I was set a few challenges by the STC maker - he got me to do a one footed wheelie (on the back wheel), and then got me to go from one footed riding into a wheelie. Tony’s STC has pegs on the front wheel, which is better than nothing but I think I would prefer pedals.

I think this would be very difficult on a STC given that the rear wheel is able to turn similar to the front wheel. As soon as you get a bit of speed up, the rear wheel gets the speed wobbles and starts bucking left and right. If anyone gets the chance to try a STC- go for it- you’d be surprised at how fun two wheels can be when they put the pedals in the right place!

Please, post some vids!!!

Brad on our STC


to do the “stoppie” you could do a foot jam like on a bmx bike where you put your foot on the front wheel behind the fork so that the back wheel rises.

Super Trick Cycle (Swing Bike) Video

Check out this Super Trick Cycle video!

wow - so that’s what you call it!

Super Trick Cycle

My friend had one very similar to this in the late 70’s - early 80’s. We used to call it a trick bike or circus bike and this is the first time I’ve heard it called ‘STC’. Riding this bike was the precursor to unicycling for me.

The closest thing I have seen online is the come-apart bike which is similar but the uni detatches.

Are STC’s available commercially?

I have done a million of them. Get a little speed (not much) and quickly jam your foot in between the front tire and forks. We used to call this an endo. :sunglasses:

If you mean the kind where you keep rolling its called a nose wheelie. I have never done this deliberately but some people can.