Super Trick Cycle levels

I have just bought my 2nd STC, and this one is set a little higher in the
seat (the other one is mainly for the kids in my uni club). Suddenly I can
do a new trick: While riding normal, I take off one leg, cross it over the
frame, and put it back onto the pedal so that the frame is now to my side.
It’s hard to ride like that, but I can get some distance or just go in a

I’m also working on pedaling forwards while riding with the frame and
handlebars behind me. For this one, you have to lean far back and steer
backwards (it helps to be able to ride backwards the normal way).

If you don’t own a STC, it’s hard to understand what I’m talking about
(it’s hard enough if you do have one). The thing is pretty screwy.

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating some levels for the STC. Has
anyone bothered to do this already (saving me some time)? If not, I’ll

Some sugg’s:
Note: Backwards denotes the way you’re facing
Note: In reverse denotes the way the STC is traveling relative to the
front of the frame.

Level 1.
Ride forwards 10 revs, STC facing the normal way.
Turn to the right 90 degrees within 2 revs (about 3m)
ditto for the left

Level 2.
Ride forwards 10 revs with the front section in the air, one or both hands
on the pedals or frame.
Turn 180 degrees to the right within 3 revs, both wheels on ground
ditto for the left

Level 3.
Ride in reverse 10 revs.
Riding forwards in a wheelie, spin handlebars around once, then continue

Level 4.
Ride forwards without hands, 10 revs (this usu means knocking the frame
with your knees).
Riding forwards, switch to riding in reverse.
Riding in reverse, switch to riding forwards.

Level 5.
Wheelie idle (idle while the front wheel is off the ground) while holding
the handlebars in one or both hands.
Pivot (swing) the front wheel 90 degrees while switching from forward- to
Ride forwards 10 revs with the frame (and handlebars) behind you.

Level 6.
Pivot (swing) the front wheel 180 degrees while switching from forward- to
Ride in reverse 10 revs with the frame (and handlebars) behind you.
Cross one leg over the frame while riding forwards and put the leg back
onto the pedal; then continue riding for at least 5 more revs.

Level 7.
Reverse wheelie

There are more skills I haven’t thought up, and there are plenty I’ve
forgotten about, so please feel free to contribute suggestions. I’d be
about level 5 on this scale (I’m level 7 on a uni).

David Stone

Do you have a link to what one of these things is? I’ve never heard of it.

Yeah, What is a Super Trick Cycle?

Mr Search he say…

one of these

Is it just a unicycle with an extra attachment of another wheel?

Given its setup, it shouldn’t be to difficult to do many different kinds of wheel walk on it. You should also be able to ride one-footed.

It is defenetly possible to go on the backwheel, and rotate the rest of the bike one whole revolution around the back wheel, you have to lean the bike a bit, but it is possible with a god head, quick feet and loads of tries.

Another thingyou could do is sit on the front facing backwards, and ride it as a penny farthing…

Also wheelwalk on the front wheel wile sitting on the seat.

Another stylish thing to do is wheelbraking the front wheel at high speed, and rise to the front wheel.
This is called a “stoppie” on motorcycles

Wow, thats pretty cool. it looks like it would be easy to make one. Do you have any videos of you riding, I’d love to see one in action.

Re: Super Trick Cycle levels

“UniMachine” <> writes:
>Wow, thats pretty cool. it looks like it would be easy to make one. Do
>you have any videos of you riding, I’d love to see one in action.

I’ll try to make some this weekend.


Re: Super Trick Cycle levels

“jsm” <> writes:
>Given its setup, it shouldn’t be to difficult to do many different kinds
>of wheel walk on it. You should also be able to ride one-footed.

Wheel-walking is extremely easy on a STC. One-footing is easy, too, and
not very impressive. I wouldn’t include them on the levels list bc they
are too easy. Basically if you can ride, you can do those ‘skills.’


Re: Re: Super Trick Cycle levels

Why don’t you combine them? :slight_smile:

Edit: ehum, i mean:
Why don’t you combine wheelie and wheelwalk, and wheelie and onefoot riding.

I was thinking more on the line of harder wheel walks, such as hand, backwards, and standup up. Possibly only on the front or back wheel.

a standing wheelwalk on the front wheel, holding the backwheel in your hands. :smiley:

i have built a ‘stc’, i hadnt seen a picture of one til after i built it, so it buzzes me to see other ones nearly the same .
i m probly bout level 7 i gues, i been riding a uni most days for bout a year now, and riding the funny bike since dec 2003,
one footed , wheelies n stuff. i call the penny farthing trick the velocipede, coz its frunt wheel drive, and then transfer to the seat and ride with front wheel trailin behind me.
thinkin of havin two seats or two unis attached , n e one seen that before?

Problem with that is that the front wheel, at least on ours, doesn’t have front brakes. I suppose that could be remedied easily enough. It definitely would add some depth to tricks on the STC.

Good idea for a trick if brakes were added.


On bikes some people can do brakeless stoppies. I imagine it’s quite hard to do though.


Does the UNIQO count as a STC?

If so, I own one. I used it mainly with the front wheel and frame disconnected so it was a regular unicycle. I started riding Trials and snapped the hub. I still have the front half, which is in perfect condition.

The UNIQO is equipped with both front and rear brakes however I never used then. I have done an unintentional brakeless stoppie riding off a curb however it ended with me flipping over the handlebars. The stoppie lasted for 2 feet before the crash! :smiley:


I also have a uniqo. i can actually do a few tricks with it. Not a bad toy. I took the front brake off (using it makes you flip over the handlebars) and fitted it to my Sun 28" instead. Came out nice and works great.

hey UNIquelyCanadian and shibumi

Have you tryed to change the handlebar with the sadle, I mean… like a penny farthing???

I would like to buil one, can you post a pic of the frame - fork attachment PLEASE??

Some videos of you guys riding would be great!


What about that?? Do you think it is geared??

halfcycle.bmp (791 KB)