Super strong quick realese seat clamp

Well I’ve bent the arm of my £10 quick realese seat clamp. Its was a silly aluminium desighn with a big gap in a high stress area (were it bent).
So do any of you guys know of a realy tough QR seat clamp? (I’m thinking CrMo or somthing) or am I just better off sticking with the bolt type?

Bolt is generally better - you can get a double bolt for a more secure grip.

Think why you need a Q/R and how often you use it… bolts are generally cheaper too.

Salsa make a nice quick-release seat clamp


well I often travel and then find a hill to practice wheel walking so it gets used quite abit.

thanks for the recomedation Jim, keep them coming people :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, a friend of mine has the Salsa clamp. it sqeezes like 40 pounds of pressure of something. It seemed to work good.

sounds strong, I’m gona remember it

it’s expensive though, like $60 I believe.

I have a salsa and it holds really well.
I got mine for $25 and thats the price I usually see them.

I have used the Salsa flip-lock QR seatpost clamp; they’re ok, but they wear out rapidly due to metal on metal contact.

Then I found the HOPE seatpost QR clamp and NEVER looked back!:smiley: Far superior to Salsa IMHO and about the same price.


other than those ugly decals, that looks pretty nice.

just get a two bolt seat clamp with a facom allen key… that’ll make sure ur seatpost is nice and tight…

I always try carry a 10mm spanner and a 5mm allen key (i think its a 5mm) when i go riding in case something goes wrong, and i hardly every change my seat height.

I got a quick release for the uni i am making and I’m just going to put a single bolt or double under it for harder stuff…

I can also vouch for the Hope QR clamp (like Terry) as i’ve had it on my 29er for a year now. Plus it comes in lots of different colours if you like that type of thing.

looks nice, thats now top on the list :slight_smile:

@ Norry- yay colours!

hey do you guys know were I can get the clamp size that will fit the nimbus II frame? its 24.5 I think

Measure the outside diameter of the seat tube; use calipers to get a precise reading. Then, if you want the Hope clamp, go to the website and find the corresponding size.

ah I need to get myself a cliper then

btw: thanks to all, for info

Your old clamp should say the diameter on it.

A caliper isn’t cheap.

I think the guy said it was 25.4 when I got it, but I can’t find a hope in that size. I’m assuming I’m wrong

25.4 is the inner diameter, you need the outer diameter, which will be what the clamp fits over.