super slowmo-ish tricks-crankflips, 3 spin

my friend figured out how to do 120fps video today so we made these.

crankflip off curb:


360 unispin (its really sketchy but oh well)

yeah, that was pretty cool, the 3spin was sketchy!!!

Those were pretty sweet.

What kind of camera does your friend have ?


we set my friends lg KU990 (VIEWTY) camera phone to 120fps and we found out it jut goes like that.

We SHould Make a,

Gallery OF Slo-Mo Videos

Twill be Rad.

Nice crankflips

yeah that would be cool, i’ll probably make some more videos but i havnt got many tricks to do :roll_eyes:

when weve got a few more vids ill start a thread

This would be a good way for somone, like myself, to anlyze tricks and see how they work, that way i could better learn them.

yeah that really helps me aswell. i dont like having different stepa ad loads of info to take in. i just like to watch it being done!

yes and to learn the tricks easier

Good video for a cell phone!
Thanks for posting those. Its good to see the subtlety in slow motion.

yeah the LG viewty is a dedicated camers phone. One of the main features is 120fps video o it is really good. It would be better but youtube always makes the quality lower

oh yeah, ive had an account on there for ages but never posted any videos. i might re upload them sometime

Vimeo plays videos at a 24fps rate. Most digital video is compresses at 30fps. Being that these clips were captured at 120, 30fps would be the ideal speed to play this. SO basically to get the smoothest motion in the final playback, youtube is the best bet.

However vimeo does do a good job at leaving a better picture quality in the conversion.

EDIT: and I would have to say that Vimeo more so exists, to allow for HD video sharing. The whole site is based around HD, and even now offers HD embedding.

I fail to see any kind of correlation there…
Theoretically, 30fps is smoother than 24fps, but in reality, you can’t really tell the difference, unless you are a pro and you pay close attention to camera pans. Besides when you watch a movie in NTSC, it is pseudo 30fps, because of 3:2 pull up.

When you shoot 120fps, you are shooting 5x24 fps, which is perfectly smooth too.

So I really don’t understand what your point is.

edit : because of 3:2 pull down, not up. I replied too early in the morning I guess…

My point is. That when using digital video that is naturally 30fps(or 60i), when you upload it to vimeo it will be converted to 24fps. No its not super notice able, most people have no idea. However compared to a non converted version it is much choppier.

30fps -converted to- 24fps = 20% loss of frames. That makes a difference with things that have anything to do with motion, panning, and smoothness.

ive put it on vimeo aswell and i cant see any difference so ill just stick with the tube for now!