Super short notice Philly ride

im trying to ride today or tomarow real bad but i dont wana go alone. so post if you wana ride

whats wrong with being alone? Philly soft cheese is sooo nice btw.

geting shot thats what

with a camera or a gun? If its a gun, why would you get shot?

just an FYI, doesn’t really matter what town you go to, there will always be an area that has the potential for you to get shot. Hell, even walking down a crowded street has the potential of a shooting…ever hear of a drive-by?

Now, the likelyhood that it will happen is really low. People just don’t shoot you for no reason. I’ve unicycled thru some areas that are questionable, but never been approached by a gun wielding mad man. Most people, even gang bangers, will stare at you when you uni by them. When they drive by me when I’m riding on the main street, all I hear is “What the fu…” and then they are gone. They don’t stick around for me to come back to pop a cap in me.

You just have to keep your eyes open and use common sense when you ride. If the area you are going into doesn’t look too inviting, its probably a good idea to go around. Don’t go riding in the middle of an area known for shootings and you will be fine. You youngins need to get that stereotype out of your head. Not everyone is out to get you!

yep. as long as you’re out and it looks like you’re going somewhere else odds are people won’t bother you like that. Just be more concerned with where you’re going and not with them and they have no reason to want to cause harm to you. Sometimes the worse areas are better for this as more professional (used loosely) crime will ONLY go after someone they’ve done their homework on. A semi bad area will have teenage and 20’s aged troublemakers that will give anyone a hard time because they are careless about getting into trouble with the law.

What part of philly are you riding? If you’re riding around university city or something, you should have no problems. I’m in Delaware County if you ever want to ride.

I hear you though, riding through a city that has over 300 murders for the year will make you nervous.

But were way more deadly:

haha wow i was jokeing i just didint wana ride alone

Shes a whitch, get her!

come ride with me people ill go to philly today

That there fella is going to get a hot bum.

Yeah hes going to have to hop off fast. Btw is that one of your photoshops?

Memorial Day Weekend Philly Ride

Anyone up for a 36er ride this weekend around Philly? Schuylkill River Trail or Kelly Drive, something like that? Let me know.

ill ride trials